Italian online classes

Italian Online Classes with Native Italian Professors!

Italian classes online

Do you really want to take your Italian to the next level?

-> Practice with the best native Italian teachers: Graziana and Rocco!

  • Every class is tailor-made for you:

We will adapt the level and topic of each class based on your needs and linguistic skills and, class after class, we will gradually increase the difficulty and vary the topic. With us you’ll develop all the skills required to speak the Italian language fluently in no time! However, before or during classes, you can always request a specific topic that we will gladly explain to you!

  • Our classes are carried out online:

You decide which platform we should use (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) and whether you prefer an only-audio class or an audio-and-video class, we want you to be at ease.

  • You study when you want:

You choose the time and date: we are always ready to help you, any day of the week. And if, for any reason, you cannot make your class, don’t worry: you can always cancel it and reschedule for another time!


Single class Prezzo Pacchetto Prezzo
30 minutes 28€ 5 classes 126€
45 minutes 38€ 5 classes 171€
60 minutes 48€ 5 classes 216€
90 minutes 72€ 5 classes 324€



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Dominick Delsante Avatar
Dominick Delsante

LearnAmo is a lovely, elegant, fun site for learning Italian. It not only offers clearly explained grammatical lessons, but also demonstrates contemporary conversational dialogues which to someone like me who knows one hundred year old Sicilian is a great help. Graziana and Rocco are wonderful teachers who are not onlyexpert but who also make each lesson fun. I highly recommend the site.

Aina Avatar

Recomendables al 100% Rocco y Graziana son muy buenos profesores de italiano, gracias a ellos mi italiano hablado es mucho más fluido! Además, aprender italiano con ellos es muy divertido y productivo! Recomiendo tanto sus vídeos de Youtube y su página web (con su apartado en español) como sus clases privadas ?Grazie di tutto ragazzi!

Kim Pinto Avatar
Kim Pinto

I have been using Learnamo videos and website for a few months and have found them to be one of the best online resources for learning Italian. There is a good range of grammatical lessons mixed in with videos and exercises to help expand vocabulary. Graziana and Rocco are getting better all the time at making their videos fun and interesting so you can go back and watch again and pick up a new layer of detail without getting bored. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to start learning Italian as well as those already at a beginner or intermediate level.

Bigsam Mat Avatar
Bigsam Mat

Me encanta este canal, la verdad es una joya. Aprendo el italiano de una forma muy amena y divertida sin pensar en la gramática, se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.

Nick Shields Avatar
Nick Shields

They are funny, charming, witty and the lessons stick.

Daniel Stillit Avatar
Daniel Stillit

First class! Without doubt, the best, the most charismatic and versatile teacher online anywhere. They take the effort out of learning.

Burçhan Sarı Avatar
Burçhan Sarı

Sono turco e imparo l'italiano, Questo sito web é meravigliosa e utile :))) posso raccomondare a tutto chi voglia imparare italiano :)))

Bernardo W. Folgado Avatar
Bernardo W. Folgado

❤️❤️❤️ Great to learn Italian, even if you are advanced. You can always learn!

Terry Avatar

Ho comprato il corso Italiano in… Ho comprato il corso Italiano in Contesto e sono rimasta pienamente soddisfatta: miglior corso di italiano!

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