Italian online classes

Italian Online Classes with Native Italian Professors!

Italian classes online

Do you really want to take your Italian to the next level?

-> Practice with the best native Italian teachers: Graziana and Rocco!

  • Every class is tailor-made for you:

We will adapt the level and topic of each class based on your needs and linguistic skills and, class after class, we will gradually increase the difficulty and vary the topic. With us you’ll develop all the skills required to speak the Italian language fluently in no time! However, before or during classes, you can always request a specific topic that we will gladly explain to you!

  • Our classes are carried out online:

You decide which platform we should use (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) and whether you prefer an only-audio class or an audio-and-video class, we want you to be at ease.

  • You study when you want:

You choose the time and date: we are always ready to help you, any day of the week. And if, for any reason, you cannot make your class, don’t worry: you can always cancel it and reschedule for another time!


Single class Prezzo Pacchetto Prezzo
30 minutes 39€ 5 classes 186€
45 minutes 48€ 5 classes 223€
60 minutes 57€ 5 classes 256€
90 minutes 79€ 5 classes 347€



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Natalia Rochinotti Avatar
Natalia Rochinotti

Highly recommended! Highly recommended!! This guys really encourage you to learn.

Marco Antonio Valladares Avatar
Marco Antonio Valladares

Ti amo Graziana!! Tu sei la piu brava ragazza! Ho imparato tantissimo con te. Questo e il meglio corso d'italiano online.

Francisco Moron Avatar
Francisco Moron

A me piace tanto LearnAmo. Non è dificile imparare tante cose nuove in una forma molto divertente e chiara, con i suoi videi oppure su internet nella sua pagina web.

Alejandra Palacios Avatar
Alejandra Palacios

È un canale magnifico è molto utile Il canale è magnifico, ho imparato molto da quando mi sono iscritta. Non solo mi piace il contenuto del canale ma anche il modo di affrontare gli argomenti che vengono spiegati. Grazie!

Teo Argilés Avatar
Teo Argilés

Rocco e Graziana sono meravigliosi. Sono molto simpatici , ed studiare la lingua italiana con loro, è molto divertente. Fanno molto facile, quello che è difficile. Grazie mille!!!.

Maja Jelicic Avatar
Maja Jelicic

The best, most concise, easy to understand & use platform for learning Italian with plenty of free material. Exceptionally competent, next-level teachers. Amazing amazing amazing!?

Miguel Angel Avatar
Miguel Angel

The website for learning Italian is incredible. Well structured by levels. You have one page per topic with its related video. Those have subtitles and transcription in Italian which by the way are really funny! Excellent work guys!

Francesco Capparelli Avatar
Francesco Capparelli

LearnAmo is one of the best language schools I have ever known;they have very efficient native language speakers, great topics and great cultural values. ?I rarely review pages on Social Media, but this is by far one of the greatest page to learn and educate in a short amount of time.Keep the good content and have fun!

Lorenzo Nisi Avatar
Lorenzo Nisi

Esta plataforma es maravillosa para todos los que quieran aprender la lengua italiana y mejorar su práctica. A través de unos vídeos puedes encontrar muchas explicaciones también históricas y geográfica para entender mejor a Italia.¡ Lo consejo absolutamente!!

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