Italian online classes

Italian Online Classes with Native Italian Professors!

Italian classes online

Do you really want to take your Italian to the next level?

-> Practice with the best native Italian teachers: Graziana and Rocco!

  • Every class is tailor-made for you:

We will adapt the level and topic of each class based on your needs and linguistic skills and, class after class, we will gradually increase the difficulty and vary the topic. With us you’ll develop all the skills required to speak the Italian language fluently in no time! However, before or during classes, you can always request a specific topic that we will gladly explain to you!

  • Our classes are carried out online:

You decide which platform we should use (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) and whether you prefer an only-audio class or an audio-and-video class, we want you to be at ease.

  • You study when you want:

You choose the time and date: we are always ready to help you, any day of the week. And if, for any reason, you cannot make your class, don’t worry: you can always cancel it and reschedule for another time!


Single class Prezzo Pacchetto Prezzo
30 minutes 49 € 5 classes 233 €
45 minutes 58 € 5 classes 269 €
60 minutes 67 € 5 classes 299 €
90 minutes 89 € 5 classes 389 €


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Daniel Stillit Avatar
Daniel Stillit

First class! Without doubt, the best, the most charismatic and versatile teacher online anywhere. They take the effort out of learning.

Costanza Rattazzi Avatar
Costanza Rattazzi

Grazie a Learnamo è possibile imparare l'italiano in maniera divertente! Tutti i video sono realizzati con attenzione, cura, precisione e soprattutto gli argomenti sono interessanti e utili. Davvero un'ottima risorsa, consigliatissimo!!

Lorenzo Nisi Avatar
Lorenzo Nisi

Esta plataforma es maravillosa para todos los que quieran aprender la lengua italiana y mejorar su práctica. A través de unos vídeos puedes encontrar muchas explicaciones también históricas y geográfica para entender mejor a Italia.¡ Lo consejo absolutamente!!

Nicolò Avatar

Very efficient teaching LearnAmo is the best website and YT channel you can find if you want to learn italian.

Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya Avatar
Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

Your Go-To place to learn Italian I really don't know where to start - the videos are endlessly entertaining, chock-full of information, sly humor, occasional snark, and, in the end, they're just plain fun.You get the feeling that you *know* Graziana and Rocco, that they're speaking to *you*, that you have a connection. Which isn't an accident. As you go down the rabbit hole, and time-machine your way back to their earliest videos, you get to see them learn alongside you - learn how to make videos, how to teach, how to entertain, and overall, how to make the whole process joyful.It's the same with all their other content - the site, the book, *everything*. Basically sparking joy.The awesome thing is if/when you meet them in person, they're exactly as they come off online - genuinely nice people who are fun to hang out with!Mind you, I've been taking lessons from Graziana now on Italki, and I have to say that I've learned more Italian in the last year from her than I have in all the preceding years. And I'm serious - I can't recommend her highly enough!The bottom line - if you're learning italian, you could do far far worse than LearnAmo and/or lessons directly from Graziana!

Alex Cucurachi Avatar
Alex Cucurachi

El sitio de Learnamo es muy bueno para aprender el italiano y además está lleno de ejercicios y vídeos. Está perfecto para todos lo que quiere aprender, desde el nivel A1 hasta a los que ya son expertos en el idioma

Maggie Zalone Avatar
Maggie Zalone

abbiamo creato questa chat di conversazione per studenti livello medio e avanzato di italiano. siete benvenuti

Belén Rodríguez Avatar
Belén Rodríguez

Graziana y Rocco son unos profesionales excelentes. Sus vídeos son muy didácticos, muy bien elaborados, abordan temas actuales y cercanos a la vida cotidiana, con un rigor lingüístico notabilísimo. Tienen toda mi confianza; los recomiendo vivamente a quienes quieran aprender italiano de forma amena y correcta. Ragazzi,siete bravissimi!!!

bryan roger miranda chavez Avatar
bryan roger miranda chavez

É un bel sitio web in cui ho potuto… É un bel sitio web in cui ho potuto rafforzare la mia conoscenza dell'italiano anche mi ha permesso di conoscere le parole informali dell'italiano di oggi.

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