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Italian Online Classes with Native Italian Professors!

Italian classes online

Do you really want to take your Italian to the next level?

-> Practice with the best native Italian teachers: Graziana and Rocco!

  • Every class is tailor-made for you:

We will adapt the level and topic of each class based on your needs and linguistic skills and, class after class, we will gradually increase the difficulty and vary the topic. With us you’ll develop all the skills required to speak the Italian language fluently in no time! However, before or during classes, you can always request a specific topic that we will gladly explain to you!

  • Our classes are carried out online:

You decide which platform we should use (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) and whether you prefer an only-audio class or an audio-and-video class, we want you to be at ease.

  • You study when you want:

You choose the time and date: we are always ready to help you, any day of the week. And if, for any reason, you cannot make your class, don’t worry: you can always cancel it and reschedule for another time!


Single class Prezzo Pacchetto Prezzo
30 minutes 39€ 5 classes 186€
45 minutes 48€ 5 classes 223€
60 minutes 57€ 5 classes 256€
90 minutes 79€ 5 classes 347€



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Steven Monk Avatar
Steven Monk

Best online resource for learning Italian. Lots of videos explaining all levels of grammar, real life situations ,culture and food, towns and cities and towns of interest to visitors. Graziana, Rocco and Angela are always cheerful, friendly, good fun and explain thoroughly. Transcripts are also available in Italian and English. Web site is very well organised and easy to use. On line shop has lots of good offers too. Grazie per Tutto.

Joaquìn Muñoz Avatar
Joaquìn Muñoz

LearnAmo é un metodo molto divertente anche facile per imparare il italiano! Una pagina propriamente bravissima!

Gerarda Conversano Avatar
Gerarda Conversano

LearnAmo is without any doubt the best Italian school in the world: you can learn all Italian grammar and culture with Graziana and Rocco! I love them!

Carmen Parra Avatar
Carmen Parra

Mi piace molto questa pagina, ci insegna tanta grammatica e si impara di maniera effettiva. La consiglio a chi desidera ad imparare la lingua

Gustavo Chavarria Avatar
Gustavo Chavarria

LearnAmo è definitivamente uno dei migliori canali su youtube che ci sono per imparare, migliorare e padroneggiare l'italiano. Riescono a spiegare le materie e i diversi argomenti in una maniera chiara e comprensibile. Lo consiglio a tutti coloro che vogliano approfondire o perlomeno sapere un po' di più sulla cultura italiana.

Ana Rosangela Zanotti Martins Avatar
Ana Rosangela Zanotti Martins

Acompanho os vídeos sobre a língua italiana, boa explicação!!!

Silvia Almeida Avatar
Silvia Almeida

Mi piaciono tantissimo Mi piaciono tantissimo, tutti i video e le lezioni di LearnAmo. Rocco e Graziana sono bravissimi. Sono molto grata ad entrambi per loro lavoro, impegno e simpatia. LearnAmo mi aiuta ad impare l' italiano ogni giorno. Grazie. Un baccione a tutti i due.

Maria Vazquez Avatar
Maria Vazquez

Siete molto bravi. Me piacciono tantisimo le vostre lezione

Nancy Lee Avatar
Nancy Lee

Grammar is entertainingly presented and useful with great examples and humorous format. I love listening to the dialogues and the topics covered are topical and useful. Grazie mille❣️

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