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LearnAmo was started in 2018 with the aim of teaching and spreading knowledge of the language and culture of Italy throughout the world. LearnAmo was founded and is managed by a couple from Puglia: Graziana Filomeno and Rocco Dabellonio.

Producing video lessons, exercises, textbooks, podcasts and other learning aids, LearnAmo seeks to provide a highly effective and professional teaching service in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere where lovers of the Italian language and way of life can enjoy themselves as they learn.

Thanks in part to the learning method known as “Edutainment” (education through entertainment), LearnAmo has become a leading light in the field of online teaching of Italian and Italian culture. Today LearnAmo’s online video clips get millions of views with over 200,000 subscribers to its content offerings on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Graziana Filomeno

Graziana Filomeno

Hi everyone! I’m Graziana and I come from a small town close to Bari, the administrative center in Apulia.

I graduated from the University of Bari with a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation (with the highest mark: 110 with honours!).

I speak English, French and German pretty well, but I always want to learn new languages!

My passion for foreign languages made me develop an interest in teaching, for this reason, I decided to create and embark on this wonderful and exciting project called LearnAmo!

By my side, since the beginning of this wonderful adventure, there has always been the most important person in my life: Rocco, my boyfriend!

Rocco Dabellonio

Rocco Dabellonio

Hi! I’m Rocco! I come from the North of Apulia, to be more precise, a small town close to Foggia.

I studied at the University of Bari where I graduated with a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation with the highest mark (110 with honours).

In addition, I’ve recently completed my Master’s Degree in Language, Society and Communication at the University of Bologna (with the highest mark as well).

I speak English and Spanish fluently and I also know a little bit of French.

Besides languages, my other big passion has always been Information Technology, that’s why I follow with immense pleasure Graziana’s website and YouTube channel where she teaches the Italian language and culture!


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Gustavo Chavarria Avatar
Gustavo Chavarria

LearnAmo è definitivamente uno dei migliori canali su youtube che ci sono per imparare, migliorare e padroneggiare l'italiano. Riescono a spiegare le materie e i diversi argomenti in una maniera chiara e comprensibile. Lo consiglio a tutti coloro che vogliano approfondire o perlomeno sapere un po' di più sulla cultura italiana.

David Damiano Avatar
David Damiano

My favorite Italian language channel, by far. I was hooked from the first video. I never miss one. These two have a talent for language instruction combined with content creation that is unmatched anywhere on social media. If you are serious about improving your Italian, this is the place.

Umberto Maresca Avatar
Umberto Maresca

capacita riassuntiva, sottotitoli, editing e tanta simpatia. Grazie 1000 davvero...come si dice a Napoli..... 'PRICELESS'

Roberto Marcucci Avatar
Roberto Marcucci

Ottimo programma di studio della lingua… Ottimo programma di studio della lingua italiana, redatto in maniera chiara e semplice!

Claudemir de Sena Nascimento Avatar
Claudemir de Sena Nascimento

Per me, LearnAmo è uno dei migliori canali per chi desidera conoscere e imparare la lingua e la cultura italiana.

Richard Rhodes Avatar
Richard Rhodes

Graziana and Rocco are both extremely good Italian teachers. They combine so well that learning with them is great fun and the free learning materials they provide are excellent. Very highly recommended!

Fredy F. Florez Avatar
Fredy F. Florez

Son muy buenos enseñando el Italiano, con temas realmente importantes que nos acercan cada vez más al italiano hablado comúnmente. los recomiendo mil veces.

Ludovica Appolloni Avatar
Ludovica Appolloni

LearnAmo è un sito valido e completo per qualunque stranier* interessato ad imparare l’italiano. Infatti, attraverso Podcast e video YouTube, ragazzi madrelingua forniscono corsi, nonché test, per tutti i livelli: principiante, intermedio, e avanzato. Inoltre, l’interessat* avrà la possibilità di prenotare lezioni private, scegliendo il pacchetto con il numero di lezioni che si preferisce, ma anche quella –utilissima– di farsi correggere i testi! Perciò lo consiglio tantissimo, dateci un’occhiata!

Kim Pinto Avatar
Kim Pinto

I have been using Learnamo videos and website for a few months and have found them to be one of the best online resources for learning Italian. There is a good range of grammatical lessons mixed in with videos and exercises to help expand vocabulary. Graziana and Rocco are getting better all the time at making their videos fun and interesting so you can go back and watch again and pick up a new layer of detail without getting bored. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to start learning Italian as well as those already at a beginner or intermediate level.

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