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Who are Graziana Filomeno and Rocco Dabellonio of LearnAmo? Let’s find it out!  🙂

Graziana Filomeno

Graziana Filomeno

Hi everyone! I’m Graziana and I come from a small town close to Bari, the administrative center in Apulia. I graduated from the University of Bari with a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation (with the highest mark: 110 with honours!). I speak English, French and German pretty well, but I always want to learn new languages! Currently, I’m studying at the University of Bologna to obtain my Master’s Degree. My passion for foreign languages made me develop an interest in teaching, for this reason, I decided to create and embark on this wonderful and exciting adventure called LearnAmo!  😉

Rocco Dabellonio

Rocco Dabellonio

Hi! I’m Rocco! I come from the North of Apulia, to be more precise, a small town close to Foggia. I studied at the University of Bari where I graduated with a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation with the highest mark (110 with honours). I speak English and Spanish fluently and I also know a little bit of French. In addition, I’ve recently completed my Master’s Degree in Language, Society and Communication at the University of Bologna (with the highest mark as well)! Anyway, besides languages, my other big passion has always been Information Technology, that’s why, when I have a little bit of time, I follow with immense pleasure Graziana’s website and YouTube channel where she teaches the Italian language and culture! 😎


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Nick Shields Avatar
Nick Shields

They are funny, charming, witty and the lessons stick.

Claudemir de Sena Nascimento Avatar
Claudemir de Sena Nascimento

Per me, LearnAmo è uno dei migliori canali per chi desidera conoscere e imparare la lingua e la cultura italiana.

Maja Jelicic Avatar
Maja Jelicic

The best, most concise, easy to understand & use platform for learning Italian with plenty of free material. Exceptionally competent, next-level teachers. Amazing amazing amazing!?

Maria Vazquez Avatar
Maria Vazquez

Siete molto bravi. Me piacciono tantisimo le vostre lezione

Jelena Vojcic Avatar
Jelena Vojcic

Un sito moderno con due insegnanti chi vi fanno studiare italiano in modo divertente! Bravi!!!

Sami Avatar

Son lo máximo Son lo máximo, sin duda alguna. Es evidente el empeño y la dedicación que hay detrás de cada clase, pues han identificado exactamente cuales son nuestros errores comunes a la hora de aprender italiano para finalmente entregarnos todo un material de estudio, lleno de detalles expresados de la manera más clara y sencilla posible. Amo su entonación, su pronunciación clara y los ejemplos de conversación entre sus dos protagonistas y maestros. Mil gracias.

Joaquìn Muñoz Avatar
Joaquìn Muñoz

LearnAmo é un metodo molto divertente anche facile per imparare il italiano! Una pagina propriamente bravissima!

Steven Monk Avatar
Steven Monk

Best online resource for learning Italian. Lots of videos explaining all levels of grammar, real life situations ,culture and food, towns and cities and towns of interest to visitors. Graziana, Rocco and Angela are always cheerful, friendly, good fun and explain thoroughly. Transcripts are also available in Italian and English. Web site is very well organised and easy to use. On line shop has lots of good offers too. Grazie per Tutto.

Michele Cassano Avatar
Michele Cassano

Il miglior sito per apprendere l'italiano, ottimo sia per stranieri che per italiani

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