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LearnAmo was started in 2018 with the aim of teaching and spreading knowledge of the language and culture of Italy throughout the world. LearnAmo was founded and is managed by a couple from Puglia: Graziana Filomeno and Rocco Dabellonio.

Producing video lessons, exercises, textbooks, podcasts and other learning aids, LearnAmo seeks to provide a highly effective and professional teaching service in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere where lovers of the Italian language and way of life can enjoy themselves as they learn.

Thanks in part to the learning method known as “Edutainment” (education through entertainment), LearnAmo has become a leading light in the field of online teaching of Italian and Italian culture. Today LearnAmo’s online video clips get millions of views with over 200,000 subscribers to its content offerings on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Graziana Filomeno

Graziana Filomeno

Hi everyone! I’m Graziana and I come from a small town close to Bari, the administrative center in Apulia.

I graduated from the University of Bari with a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation (with the highest mark: 110 with honours!).

I speak English, French and German pretty well, but I always want to learn new languages!

My passion for foreign languages made me develop an interest in teaching, for this reason, I decided to create and embark on this wonderful and exciting project called LearnAmo!

By my side, since the beginning of this wonderful adventure, there has always been the most important person in my life: Rocco, my boyfriend!

Rocco Dabellonio

Rocco Dabellonio

Hi! I’m Rocco! I come from the North of Apulia, to be more precise, a small town close to Foggia.

I studied at the University of Bari where I graduated with a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation with the highest mark (110 with honours).

In addition, I’ve recently completed my Master’s Degree in Language, Society and Communication at the University of Bologna (with the highest mark as well).

I speak English and Spanish fluently and I also know a little bit of French.

Besides languages, my other big passion has always been Information Technology, that’s why I follow with immense pleasure Graziana’s website and YouTube channel where she teaches the Italian language and culture!


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Alex Avatar

Friendly lessons They are very helpful for me.Their lessons are very friendly and is more easy to learn Italian language with them.

Lorenzo Nisi Avatar
Lorenzo Nisi

Esta plataforma es maravillosa para todos los que quieran aprender la lengua italiana y mejorar su práctica. A través de unos vídeos puedes encontrar muchas explicaciones también históricas y geográfica para entender mejor a Italia.¡ Lo consejo absolutamente!!

Gleice B D Perosa Avatar
Gleice B D Perosa

Mi piace tantissimo estudiare con LearnAmo! Le lezione sono organizzate per livello, sono divertenti e di alta qualità. Bravissimi!

Carmen Parra Avatar
Carmen Parra

Mi piace molto questa pagina, ci insegna tanta grammatica e si impara di maniera effettiva. La consiglio a chi desidera ad imparare la lingua

Ann Avatar

Vi vorrei ringraziare per un sito e i filmati cosi ben strutturati e molto professionali. Vi seguo da 15 mesi e anche grazie al vostro aiuto che ho passato l'esame Cils B2.

Bruno Varella Avatar
Bruno Varella

If you are looking for a teacher to help you to learn or improve your Italian, I strongly recommend Rocco and Graziana, two young and talented professionals who deeply care about their students. Online contents are simply great and the Skype classes are even better.

Michael Frinter Avatar
Michael Frinter

Simply the best Italian teachers! What should I say? They are the best Italian teachers without any doubts! I’ve bought all their products and watched all their free classes: I love them!

Joe Fulfs Avatar
Joe Fulfs

Great website with lots of free lessons and exercises, fun and useful YouTube videos with subtitles in both English and Italian, plus private lesson options. I highly recommend Graziana and Rocco.

Ludovica Petruzzelli Avatar
Ludovica Petruzzelli

Piattaforma perfetta per imparare l'italiano, insegnanti competenti e professionali!

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