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Who are Graziana Filomeno and Rocco Dabellonio of LearnAmo? Let’s find it out!  🙂

Graziana Filomeno

Graziana Filomeno

Hi everyone! I’m Graziana and I come from a small town close to Bari, the administrative center in Apulia. I graduated from the University of Bari with a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation (with the highest mark: 110 with honours!). I speak English, French and German pretty well, but I always want to learn new languages! Currently, I’m studying at the University of Bologna to obtain my Master’s Degree. My passion for foreign languages made me develop an interest in teaching, for this reason, I decided to create and embark on this wonderful and exciting adventure called LearnAmo!  😉

Rocco Dabellonio

Rocco Dabellonio

Hi! I’m Rocco! I come from the North of Apulia, to be more precise, a small town close to Foggia. I studied at the University of Bari where I graduated with a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation with the highest mark (110 with honours). I speak English and Spanish fluently and I also know a little bit of French. In addition, I’ve recently completed my Master’s Degree in Language, Society and Communication at the University of Bologna (with the highest mark as well)! Anyway, besides languages, my other big passion has always been Information Technology, that’s why, when I have a little bit of time, I follow with immense pleasure Graziana’s website and YouTube channel where she teaches the Italian language and culture! 😎


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Claudemir de Sena Nascimento Avatar
Claudemir de Sena Nascimento

Per me, LearnAmo è uno dei migliori canali per chi desidera conoscere e imparare la lingua e la cultura italiana.

Gleice B D Perosa Avatar
Gleice B D Perosa

Mi piace tantissimo estudiare con LearnAmo! Le lezione sono organizzate per livello, sono divertenti e di alta qualità. Bravissimi!

Bigsam Mat Avatar
Bigsam Mat

Me encanta este canal, la verdad es una joya. Aprendo el italiano de una forma muy amena y divertida sin pensar en la gramática, se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.

tom lodrigo Avatar
tom lodrigo

Ottima maniera di imparare questa bella lingua sui socials (Facebook e Youtube). C'è sempre un soggetto interessante, spiegato in un modo chiaro e divertente!Grazie Graziana e Rocco!

Franco Interlandi Avatar
Franco Interlandi

Curso Italiano in Contesto Compré el curso Italiano in Contesto y me encantó: todo muy bien explicado de manera natural.

Peter Amoid Avatar
Peter Amoid

Best way to learn Italian! Their website and YouTube channel are constantly updated with new videos and exercises!

Juan Camilo Giraldo Bustamante Avatar
Juan Camilo Giraldo Bustamante

Grandissimo!!!! Roco e Graziana sono bravissimi. Divertente e facile metodo per imparare il italiano.

Zheng Ju Han Avatar
Zheng Ju Han

maggioranza persone che studia italiano tutti hanno già guardato

Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya Avatar
Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

Your Go-To place to learn Italian I really don't know where to start - the videos are endlessly entertaining, chock-full of information, sly humor, occasional snark, and, in the end, they're just plain fun.You get the feeling that you *know* Graziana and Rocco, that they're speaking to *you*, that you have a connection. Which isn't an accident. As you go down the rabbit hole, and time-machine your way back to their earliest videos, you get to see them learn alongside you - learn how to make videos, how to teach, how to entertain, and overall, how to make the whole process joyful.It's the same with all their other content - the site, the book, *everything*. Basically sparking joy.The awesome thing is if/when you meet them in person, they're exactly as they come off online - genuinely nice people who are fun to hang out with!Mind you, I've been taking lessons from Graziana now on Italki, and I have to say that I've learned more Italian in the last year from her than I have in all the preceding years. And I'm serious - I can't recommend her highly enough!The bottom line - if you're learning italian, you could do far far worse than LearnAmo and/or lessons directly from Graziana!

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