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LearnAmo was started in 2018 with the aim of teaching and spreading knowledge of the language and culture of Italy throughout the world. LearnAmo was founded and is managed by a couple from Puglia: Graziana Filomeno and Rocco Dabellonio.

Producing video lessons, exercises, textbooks, podcasts and other learning aids, LearnAmo seeks to provide a highly effective and professional teaching service in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere where lovers of the Italian language and way of life can enjoy themselves as they learn.

Thanks in part to the learning method known as Edutainment (education through entertainment), LearnAmo has become a leading light in the field of online teaching of Italian and Italian culture. Today LearnAmo’s online video clips get millions of views with over 250,000 subscribers to its content offerings on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Graziana Filomeno

Graziana Filomeno

Graziana Filomeno holds a degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Communication from the University of Bari, with the highest honors.

She works as a qualified Italian instructor on a variety of language learning platforms, including italki, on which she has taught courses in Italian language to people from all around the world.

She is also a coauthor of several publications on Italian language, such as Italiano Colloquiale: Parole ed Espressioni per Tutti i Giorni (2020); Natale in Italia: tradizioni, usanze e cibi (2021); Parolacce… e come evitarle! (2022).

She has worked with prestigious foreign universities on projects and courses related to the linguistics and didactics of the Italian language, including the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and Universidad de Córdoba (UCO).

Her native language is Italian, but she’s also fluent in English and French, as well as having excellent knowledge of German and Spanish.

Teaching comes naturally to her, and she shows it through the content she creates about the Italian culture and language on LearnAmo and the educational consultancy services offered to BurbujaDELEspañol.

Rocco Dabellonio

Rocco Dabellonio

Rocco Dabellonio holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Communication from the University of Bari and a master’s degree in Language, Society and Communication from the University of Bologna, with the highest honors.

He is coauthor of several publications in Italian and Spanish, including Italiano Colloquiale: Parole ed Espressioni per Tutti i Giorni (2020); Natale in Italia: tradizioni, usanze e cibi (2021); Más allá de la gramática: refranes y expresiones para hablar español como los nativos (2022); Parolacce… e come evitarle! (2022).

He has won the II Premio PAREFRAS de Investigación en Fraseología y Paremiología Wolfgang Mieder with his article «Análisis fraseológico en La buena suerte de Rosa Montero», published in the journal Paremia.

He has given numerous seminars in Italian and foreign universities, including Sapienza University of Rome, Complutense University of Madrid, University of Cordova, and University of Bucharest, and has participated as a speaker in national and international conferences in the field of Italian linguistics and Spanish phraseology and didactics.

He is a member of the University of Cordova’s Teaching Innovation Project: “Estrategias para el desarrollo de competencias transversales aplicadas a la enseñanza-aprendizaje del italiano para estudiantes de lenguas modernas y traducción de la UCO”

He collaborates with the Italian section of the Refranero multilingüe of the Instituto Cervantes Virtual Center, a proverb catalog dedicated to the dissemination of the Spanish language.

His native language is Italian, but he is also fluent in English and Spanish with some familiarity in French.

He is responsible for LearnAmo and BurbujaDELEspañol, platforms with content made to help learn and improve in Spanish and Italian.

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Daniel Stillit Avatar
Daniel Stillit
First class! Without doubt, the best, the most charismatic and versatile teacher online anywhere. They take the effort out of learning.
Fiorentina Tina Avatar
Fiorentina Tina
I migliori insegnanti che ho mai conosciuti! Le più chiari spiegazioni degli argomenti di grammatica! Complimenti, carissimi!
Maria Fernanda Teglia Avatar
Maria Fernanda Teglia
É una página di molta generosità É una página di molta generosità. Dove i prof spiegano chiaro, bellissimo e con molto amore.
Eliane Turatto Avatar
Eliane Turatto
Meravigliosa esperienza. Avevo un esame importanti per fare ed in loro sito ho trovato tutto quello che c'era bisogno.Ho preso anche due maglietta cui mi sono innamorata.
Valdos Carlos Avatar
Valdos Carlos
I video sono tantissimo divertenti inoltre puoi imparare qualcosa nuova
Gerarda Conversano Avatar
Gerarda Conversano
LearnAmo is without any doubt the best Italian school in the world: you can learn all Italian grammar and culture with Graziana and Rocco! I love them!
Eliana Pereyra Avatar
Eliana Pereyra
Me encantan sus videos!! Son de gran ayuda para todos los que queremos aprender Italiano... los super recomiendo!! Los sigo en todas sus redes ! Muchas gracias!! 🙂 Saludos desde Marcos Juarez, Cba, Argentina.
Valentina Vozza Avatar
Valentina Vozza
Esperienza fantastica! Impari tante cose nuove in modo facile e veloce! 😁
Emmanuel Alvarez Avatar
Emmanuel Alvarez
Assolutamente raccomandabili! I ragazzi sono divertenti e spiegano in maniera chiara tutti i segreti della lingua italiana.
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