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Italiano Colloquiale: Parole ed Espressioni per Tutti i Giorni

What does the book offer?

The book Italiano Colloquiale aims to teach, in a clear, comprehensive and funny way, the most common Italian colloquial words and expressions used by Italians in their daily lives.

Italiano Colloquiale has 104 pages in which all the definitions of the words and expressions are exemplified and accompanied by comic strip dialogues that reproduce real life situations.

The book also includes a series of exercises to test and strengthen the knowledge and information acquired as the reading progresses.

Italiano Colloquiale Cover

How much does the book cost?

The book costs 19.90 €.

For those who want the book autographed by Graziana and Rocco and the audiobook the cost is 24.90 €.

The payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.

Why should I read this book?

The book Italiano Colloquiale will give you all the necessary tools to handle and understand the great majority of daily Italian situations in which an informal register is required or appropriate.

The book, in fact, will help you to learn and manage the most common words and expressions belonging to the informal Italian language, thus giving you the possibility to become familiar with those aspects of the Italian language often overlooked by most traditional grammar books and courses.

In addition, thanks to its exercises, the book Italiano Colloquiale will guarantee you a long-term memorisation and the possibility to verify if you grasped the information given.

How can I buy the book?

Buying Italiano Colloquiale is extremely simple: you only need to use the form down here!

1) First of all, it is necessary to choose which copy you want to buy (with or without autographs);

2) Once chosen your copy, you need to click “Next” and insert your personal information and email address to which you wish to receive the link to download the book (PDF format);

3) Finally, in order to complete your purchase, it is necessary to decide which method of payment you want to use (credit card or Paypal) and complete your order.