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Hello LearnAmico, hello LearnAmica, thank you for being here with us!  

Have you ever asked yourself what’s hiding behind LearnAmo’s videos? We’ve decided to tell you all about it! 

LearnAmo is a project that involves a group of professionals that work on creating language learning content for the Italian language and culture. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Before anything, we must decide which topic we want to explore, a task that we, the founders of this project (Graziana Filomeno and Rocco Dabellonio), usually undertake. Most often, we choose the topics to discuss based on the requests we directly receive from you via email, comments or private messages on social media.

Once the topic is chosen, a script needs to be written and revised various times so that we can share the video and be sure that there are no mistakes. Although it’s true that we have taught Italian for such a long time, we still must think about how to go about doing the lessons and organizing the content in a way that it’s understandable for everyone and not too boring! 

Once the video has been recorded, we send it to our IT team who use images and other graphic and musical resources to make our videos more fun and nicer to look at. It’s thanks to them that our content always looks so good! And now, you must be thinking… ok… the video is ready… it came out nice… it’s done! But no! We haven’t finished quite yet! 

The final product must always be revised in great detail. We have to make sure that the images and sound of the videos are in sync and that there are no typos in the written content. This goes for both the video and the subtitle transcriptions of the lessons, which are always offered for free. Finally, the video must be uploaded to our YouTube channel, webpage, shared on LearnAmo’s social media and monitored to make sure that it’s to your liking and that everything’s working fine.

Whenever we have time, we respond to the comments that you leave either on our webpage or social media, and we take notes on your suggestions! There’s no shortage of comments that ask us to concentrate more on a topic or to make a video on a grammatical concept that isn’t very clear. There’s also no shortage of criticism and insults, but luckily the vast majority of people appreciate our work, and they don’t hesitate in letting us know! 

We care about letting you know that the contents that we create are and will always be free. You surely must’ve noticed that week after week, the number of lessons shared grows. This is because all of us, ALL OF US, work as hard as we possibly can. We want you to continue learning and enjoying our lessons in such a way that you can learn about the beautiful Italian language and culture wherever you may be in the world. 

And so, if all of this is free, why do we do it? Well, we like to teach Italian, that’s for sure… And we’re excited about the idea that our work can reach people coming from all around the world, no matter their age, gender or walk of life. However, since we don’t survive off air and our aspirations don’t pay our expenses, WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

If you watch us, it means that you like what we do. Help us so that we can publish more content! A donation, no matter how small, could give us the assurance that we need to continue working like we have been up until now. We hope that with this article you understand our work a little better and how demanding it is… even though it still is THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

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