Everyone likes famous quotes, because they know how to say very deep things in a few words… but also because they can make you look more intelligent and cultured than you are! In this video we will see the 10 most beautiful quotes of all time! So carp the diem and panta the rei!

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The 10 most beautiful QUOTES ever (in italian)


1. “Who is afraid dies every day, who is not afraid dies only once.”

This quote belongs to one of the greatest Italians ever existed: Paolo Borsellino. An Italian magistrate who was murdered by Cosa Nostra, the mafia, along with five agents of his escort. These words inspire us to always be brave and fight for our ideals.


2. “Never argue with an idiot: they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

This is a beautiful quote from Oscar Wilde, who reminds us to carefully pick our battles, in order not to waste time in vain. But another quote from Wilde that we really like is also …


3. “Who said ‘I prefer to have luck than talent’ perceived the essence of life.”

With this one, the great writer has addressed a fundamental problem: sometimes in life those who are very intelligent and talented, are not lucky enough to succeed. So, being able to choose, why preferring talent instead of luck?


4. “If mortals would look at any relationship with wisdom, old age would not even exist. If only they were more fatuous, cheerful and foolish, they would happily enjoy eternal youth.”

This quote from Erasmus of Rotterdam, in Praise of Folly, instead, reminds us to always keep a pinch of lightness to live better.


5. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe!”

Another famous quote that we like very much is from Albert Einstein. And when it’s the father of modern physics talking about infinity, we can only agree!


6. “‘I will fly!’, said the caterpillar. Everyone laughed except the butterflies.”

We also like a lot this quote, even if we are not sure about its origin. But it teaches us to believe in our dreams, even if only a few people understand us and believe in us!


7. “Life is what happens to you while you are busy doing other plans.”

This quote by John Lennon is a bit of a modern carpe diem… that is, it reminds us that it is useless to think too much and make projects for the future, because life is NOW.


8. “The one who asks is stupid for a minute, the one who does not ask is stupid for life.”

This one, instead, is a pearl of wisdom by Confucio, particularly suitable for those who study, maybe a new language! You should not be afraid of looking foolish asking questions, because it is only by asking questions that you can clear you doubts and learn something new.


9. “Those who do not read will have lived a single life: their own. The reader will have lived 5000 years: they where there when Cain killed Abel, when Renzo married Lucia, when Leopardi admired the infinite… because reading is immortality backwards.”

This beautiful quote is by the Italian writer Umberto Eco (and it is also Graziana’s favorite!). Besides being a praise to reading and fantasy, it also recalls two great classics of Italian literature: the poet Giacomo Leopardi, and the characters of I promessi sposi, the most famous work by Alessandro Manzoni.


10. “A day without a smile is a day wasted.”

Let’s finish with an aphorism by Charlie Chaplin, to remind us that we are always optimistic even in the most difficult moments!

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