STOP Saying “SEI BELLISSIMA/O” in Italian – Learn 20 Alternatives to Seduce

Getting a compliment is always nice… but a hint of originality never hurts! Therefore in the following article we are going to propose you a series of alternatives to the redundant sei bellissimo/a (you’re beautiful), to improve your Italian and your seduction skills!

20 Alternatives to compliment a girl or a boy 

1)  sei carina/o (you’re cute)

The adjective carino (cute) is used to express a modest appreciation, not too excessive. It’s the ideal if you don’t want to exaggerate and make people think you’re flirting!

2) sei graziosa/o (you’re gracious)

It has the same intensity of  “sei carino/a”

If you want to push yourself beyond, you could use:

3) sei perfetta/o (you’re perfect)


4) sei straordinaria/o (you’re amazing)

Or still

5) sei affascinante (you’re charming)

WATCH OUT: “Affascinante” doesn’t just mean being aesthetically pleasant, namely having a pretty face and a good figure, but also good manners and figure. Therefore it means being able to attract someone through the way of doing things, the way of dressing, speaking and so on!

With a similar meaning there is:

6) sei sensuale (you’re sensual)

Other three alternatives of medium intensity are:

7 ) sei meravigliosa/o (you’re amazing)

8) sei accattivante (you’re eye-catching)

9) sei impressionante (you’re impressive)

But if you really want to go heavy with compliments, you could use more intense alternatives like:

10) sei mozzafiato (you’re breathtaking)


11 ) sei da togliere il respiro (you leave me breathless)

If you don’t want to use these expressions, but you’d like to use compliment of strong intensity, you could say:

12) sei un incanto (you look lovely) 

13) sei un una dea/un dio (you’re a goddess/a god)

14) sei surreale (your beauty is unreal) 

The beauty of a person overcomes reality!

Some alternatives that are similar to the last ones are:

15) sei da sogno (you’re wonderful)

16) sei di un’altra categoria (you’re in a different class)

Or you could say:

17) sei da far impazzire (you drive me crazy)

When the beauty of a person is so shocking that drives people crazy!

At last, there are quite strong, but informal, alternatives that are used especially by young people, therefore they could result inappropriate in some contexts!

18) sei una bomba (you’re the bomb)

19) sei sexy (you’re sexy)

20) sei una figa/un figo (you’re so cool) 

Before we conclude we have an additional expression which, however, is very rude and we suggest you to not use it:

sei arrapante (you’re so hot)

It means that a person is so good-looking that cause sexual arousal.

Alright, this is our list, but keep in mind that regardless of the expression you choose the only thing that matters when you want to win someone’s heart is self-confidence! For this reason, I suggest you to watch our video on how to fight shyness and be more confident!

Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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