Bho… Bo’… Boh… Bo’? Find out how to SPELL it in ITALIAN!

In Italian there is a magic little word, almost untranslatable in other languages, perfect to express a doubt or perplexity! But how do you spell it? Let’s find out together!

How should you write it? Boh, bho, bo or bo’?

Everyone knows and uses the word “boh“, an exclamation that expresses uncertainty and disbelief, usually used to say: I don’t know.

But since it is born as an oral exclamation, we are often not sure about how to spell it!

With the final H – Boh?

Without H – Bo?

With the H in the middle – Bho?

With the final apostrophe – Bo’?

As you may have guessed, the correct form is “boh”, but not everyone knows that it can also be written in the “bo” form, even tough it is less common.

While instead the forms bho and bo’ are considered completely incorrect!

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