Interrogative and Exclamative Adjectives in Italian!

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Interrogative and Esclamative Adjectives

Interrogative adjectives allow us to ask a question about quality, quantity or identity of the noun we are referring to.

Esclamative adjectives, instead, allow us to exclaim about quality, quantity or identity of the noun we are referring to.

In Italian, we have 3 (used both in questions and in exclamations):

Che Che Che Che
Quale Quale Quali Quali
Quanto Quanta Quanti Quante

Let’s go into some more details:

  • CHE is used to ask questions or exclaim about the identity of the noun it is refers to. Furthermore, it is  invariable both in gender and number.
  • QUALE is used to ask questions or exclaim about the quality of the noun it refers to. It changes only in number.
  • QUANTO is used to ask questions or exclaim about the quantity of the noun it refers to. It changes both in gender and number.



In the interrogative form, CHE, QUALE and QUANTO, with their relative plural and feminine forms, can be used in direct questions (= with a question mark “?” at the end of the sentence in writing, or a high-pitched voice at the end of the sentence in speaking) and in indirect questions (= requests in the form of statements rather than questions in order to be more kind).


Examples of direct questions:

Che tempo farà domani? (What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?)

Quale vestito preferisci? (What dress do you prefer?)

Quanto tempo ci resta? (How long do we have?)

Examples indirect questions:

Vorrei sapere che tempo farà domani. (I’d like to know what tomorrow’s weather is going to be like)

Dimmi quale vestito preferisci. (Let me know what dress you prefer)

Mi piacerebbe essere informata su quanto tempo ci resta. (I’d like to be informed about how long we have)



In the esclamative form, CHE, QUALE and QUANTO are generally used in sentences which have an exclamation mark “!” in writing, and more emphasis in speaking.

Examples of the esclamative form:

Quanto freddo fa oggi! (How cold today is!)

Che bugiardo che sei! (What a liar you are!)

Quale onore parlare con lei! (What an honor to talk with you!)

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Non ho capito anni ha Maria!
simpatico che sei!
divano hai deciso di comprare?
ne pensi di questo quaderno? Mi sembra davvero carina la copertina!
Vorrei tanto sapere costa quell'orologio....
noia questo film!
bugiardo che sei!
fidanzate hai avuto?
Non ho capito sono i tuoi colori preferiti...

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