All Italian GESTURES: what do they mean and how are they used?

Today’s lesson is a real dive into the Italian culture! As everyone knows, in fact, Italians use gestures a lot, even when they’re on the phone and therefore the other person can’t see them! With today’s video you will learn the most famous (and weird!) Italian gestures and what they mean!

Learn Italian Gestures!

The gestures we make are not random, but they have a specific meaning! Do you know the reason why Italians use gestures more than any other people? The habit of using gestures seems to date back to when the Italian peninsula was split and many different languages were spoken.

Since there was no standard variety known by everyone, the gestures became a sort of “lingua franca”, that is a language used between people having different mother tongues…

Watch Graziana’s video and let us know your favorite gesture in the comments!

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