Grammar TEST to find out your Italian LEVEL

If you have been studying Italian for a very long time and you are curious to find out what your level is, here you can find a couple of Italian grammar tests that you can take! The first test is in the video made by Graziana (10 questions about the most important subjects of the Italian grammar), while the second one is at the bottom of this page (12 questions focusing on difficult grammar topics). Test your knowledge and, if you don’t understand some questions, you can always check all our Italian lessons!

Italian Grammar TEST

If you don’t know the answer to some questions, we remind you that, besides all our free grammar lessons in which we explain everything in detail, you can book private classes with Rocco and Graziana, the founders of LearnAmo, or with the teachers that collaborate with them: the best in the world!

However, if you are able to pass these tests with flying colours, that is, if you already know the Italian grammar very well, you should consider going beyond grammar rules and exceptions taught by traditional books and courses and begin studying the true Italian, the one used by Italians in their daily conversations. You can start doing that by reading the book Italiano Colloquiale: Parole ed Espressioni per Tutti i Giorni or by using the course Italiano in Contesto.

Test yourself!

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  1. Molto divertenti, grazie 🙂 Nel video sono riuscito a segnare 9 su 10 : ho sbagliato l’ultima domanda :'( . Nel secondo, 12 su 12…nonostante in uno o due casi le abbia azzeccate quasi per caso! (#2 e #12)

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