The 10 SEXIEST Italian Words: Beautiful, Melodic and Seductive!

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 most melodious and most sensual Italian words that will help you seduce and impress!

The 10 sexiest words in Italian language

Ok, let’s get it started:

1)  effimero (ephemeral): means short-lived, brief, fleeting.

Example:“Il successo può essere effimero” (success can be fleeting)

2)  smargiasso (braggart): it’s a person who flaunts with arrogance their alleged skills.

Example: “Odio gli smargiassi” (I hate braggarts)

3)  cospicuo (large/considerable): it refers to something of considerable size,  of a high magnitude.

Example: “Ho ereditato un patrimonio cospicuo” (I’ve inherited a considerable fortune)

4) onirico (oniric/dreamlike): it means dreamy, unreal

Example: “I colli bolognesi creano un atmosfera onirica…” (the Bologna hills create a dreamlike atmosphere)

5) struggente: (poignant/heartbreaking) it denotes or reveals an inner torment…

Example: “Aveva una nostalgia struggente…” (He was poignantly homesick)

The next one is not really one of the finest…. but it’s important to us!

6) iscriversi (to subscribe): it means you have to click on  the red button to stay always updated on alll the contents we publish on the channel!

Let’s continue with…

7) incessante: (incessant): it means continuous, long lasting, namely that can’t be interrupted.

Example: “Oggi la pioggia sembra essere incessante” (Today the rain has seemed to be really incessant)

8) imperituro (imperishable): it is used to describe something that never dies, that’s eternal, immortal.

Example: “Il nostro amore è imperituro…” (Ours is an undying love…)

9) immutabile (immutable/ unchangeable): it used to indicate something that never changes, never turns, never alters.

Example:  “Le sue convinzioni politiche sono immutabili” (His political beliefs are really immutable)

10) mellifluo (mellifluous/ smooth): it refers to someone or something with a sliced, or even simulated,  kindness.

Example: “La voce di Angela è melliflua” (Angela’s voice is mellifluous)


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Before you go, there’s a bonus word which is known as the longest word ever existed:

Precipitevolissimevolmente (suddenly): means nothing but “very quickly”

Example: “Chi troppo in alto sale, cade sovente precipitevolissimevolmente” (the highest climbers have sudden falls)

Now let us know in the comment section what your favorite Italian word is, the one you think it’s the sexiest!

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