What do ITALIAN WOMEN like? Find out how to impress Italian girls!

Have you ever wondered about what Italian girls like? How can you get an Italian woman? Which strategies and techniques must be adopted? Find it out with this new video made by Graziana and Angela!

What do Italian girls like?

Here are some suggestions given by Angela and Graziana as well as other women:

  • accento straniero (foreign accent): it is kind of exotic, attractive and sensual;
  • ridere (laughing): possibly with a clever joke or bizarre anecdote;
  • mazzo di fiori (bunch of flowers): perhaps you could choose something different rather than the usual red roses, something a little more juvenile and colorful, like peonies or tulips;
  • andare fuori a cena (going out for dinner): Italian women love good food, fine cuisine, and excellent restaurants. Moreover, if the man pays the woman for the dinner on the first date, it will be very much appreciated;

But, more importantly:

  • gentilezza (kindness)
  • educazione  (good manners)
  • rispetto della partner (respect for the partner)
  • attenzioni (consideration)
  • protezione (protection)
  • complicità (complicity)

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