13 Jobs With a Decent Wage YOU can Do in ITALY (for graduates and non-graduates)

A shared topic among LearnAmo students is the searching for a job n Italy, without success. In fact, the employment rate in Italy is not very high, however with some effort you can complete the task, getting a job with a good wage. Therefore we listed 13 jobs, with a good wage, you can do in Italy, in case of need.

 13 jobs you should try in Italy

1) Tutoring

If you speak one or more languages, you can find kids, teens and also adults who are interested to study and learn with you very easily. But if you’re also expert in other subjects like: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, your help in on-line or home tutoring may be requested! The cost for 1 hour of tutoring ranges from €10 to €25/30, based on your experience and qualification… and, of course, as always, the law of supply and demand!

Another job that offers many opportunities is:

2) Transporter (courier)

Due to the rapid increase of on-line purchases in recent years, there has been an increasing demand for transporters that devote themselves to deliver to people their purchases. In addition the wage is not bad: it ranges from €1000 to €2000, based on the hours of service and the company you’re working for.

3) Operator

This job is probably one of the less paid, but you should take into account anyway, as last resort.
Working in a call center can be very boring and not particularly satisfying sometimes, but it’s certainly a job that’s always in demand. In fact, many companies employ hundreds of operators who try to sell by phone products and services of dubious quality, most of times.
Usually, the contracts offered to the operators include a low wage, but with a bonus for every additional product that is sold.

Another job, or better, other two jobs which are always full of opportunities are:

4) Bartender and 5) Waiter

These two jobs are, with no doubt, very stressful and tiring but, at the same time, they give us the chance to meet new people and earn a decent sum of money .

6) Real Estate Agent

Obviously, we don’t mean you should open your own real estate agency but maybe you can start working for an agency that is already in business. Many estate agencies are looking for resourceful and self-confident boys and girls who can find new buildings to show and sell to potential buyers. If you’r good enough, this job can be very profitable!

7) Receptionist

The receptionist is one of those jobs you’ll have no difficult in getting if you speak at least 1 or 2 foreign languages. In fact, it is a working figure highly in demand, especially by hotel managers and working in a five-star hotel wouldn’t be a bad idea at all!

8) YouTuber and 9) Blogger

Despite they’re not considered real jobs, by many, there are others who were able to create their own source of income thanks to their YouTube channel and blogs. And all that is possible with the help with only a cellphone and an Internet connection.
You can treat any topic: you can teach your language, you can talk about your life, about the law, about the economy… anything you think it might work!

10) Animator/Entertainer in tourist villages  

This is a job that allows to have fun and earn money at the same time.
In Italy, as well as in other Countries in the world, there’s not shortage of the, so-called, “villaggi turistici” (tourist village), those beach facilities equipped with all sort of comforts and services you could wish for: pools, tennis fields, beaches, health clubs ecc.
These buildings, in order to entertain their guests hire tens of boys and girls full of vitality and cheerfulness, who take care of organizing events, games, sport activities ecc.

11) Babysitter and 12) Caregiver

These two jobs aren’t for everyone, but they can provide a great remuneration and satisfaction. Many teenagers experiment with babysitting, by taking care of relatives and friends’ children as first experience in order to do this job with wages. For the job of caregiver, you can contact elder people who need assistance.

At last, we have:

13) Sales clerk/Cashier

These two jobs are quite common and easy to find, but many complain about their excessive monotony and redundancy, especially in the second case. However, there’s no shortage of shops and supermarkets, thus if you don’t have a job yet, you can try these two solutions.

We hope this list was useful in directing you towards a job that meets your expectations, apart from the wage. After all, money don’t buy happiness! Never give up, even if the obstacles in front of us seem to be insurmountable. An Italian saying goes: “Chi la dura la vince” (It’s worth a shot)! Speaking of proverbs, take a look at our video on the 10 most popular Italian sayings.

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