10k SUBSCRIBERS in less than ONE YEAR on YouTube – How do Italian people celebrate milestones?

It was March 2018 when everything started. We had no big expectations, but only hope, creativity and desire to share our knowledge about the Italian language all over the world! Today, in January 2019, we are happy to announce that, in less than one year, our YouTube channel reached 10.000 subscribers! Celebrate with us: watch our video!

10.000 subscribers on YouTube: our first goal

Even during a celebration day, however, we decided not to “cullarci sugli allori” (that is, to stop and do nothing after a success or a victory) and to do something for our students.

For this reason, today’s video joins together our gratitude for your affection and a lesson about:

 PARTY vocabulary in Italy

Every Italian party is characterized by the presence of bevande alcoliche (alcoholic drinks). In fact, in the video we uncorked and savored a bottle of sparkling wine. As a consequence, there’s always someone who gets drunk (… and maybe also vomits!).

Moreover, in the Italian parties there’s always musica ad alto volume (music loudly) to dance! But pay attention… Not too much loud! Otherwise the neighborhood might complain and call the police!

In an Italian party there are usually colorful palloncini (balloonsand colorful coriandoli (confetti) as well!

By the way, pay attention not to confuse the “coriandoli” (that are cuts of colored paper generally thrown in the air or on people) with the “confetti” (sugared almond, that are, instead, sweet and people eat them, but don’t throw them! They’re hard and, as such, they can hurt!).

But the most beautiful thing in a party is… the torta (cake)! On the cake we generally put the candeline (candles). Before blowing the candles, however, you must make a wish!  😉

Well… our cake was not a real cake… Rather it was a little muffin (our budget was limited 😳 ). But we promise to all our students and to those who believed and still believes in us that, when we will reach 100.000 subscribers we will make a super cake! And we always keep our promises!

Thank you so much to all those who have followed us from the first day, to those who have discovered us not long ago but who already love us, to those who had known us before we started this adventure and also to those who don’t like our videos (you also help us grow!).

Thank you because without each one of you, we wouldn’t be here. We will try not to disappoint you.

With love,

Graziana and Rocco

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