7 Italian Expressions related to the WEATHER!

Sun, clouds, rain, snow… the weather is really boring and unpredictable! That’s why I never watch the weather forecast… Nevertheless, there are 7 weather-related expressions and sayings that Italians use quite often… Do you want to learn them? Watch our video-lesson!

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Climatic Italian Saying

1) PIOVE SEMPRE SUL BAGNATO [When it rains, it pours]

This expression is used to say that good things keep happening to lucky people and bad things keep happening to unlucky people.

So we can use this expression if, for example, a millionaire businessman wins the lottery or if a poor person, who has already lost his/her job, is fined for speeding.


2) VEDERE LE STELLE [See stars⭐

Obviously we are not talking about the stars you can admire up in the sky… quite the opposite, actually! We use this expression when we experience a severe physical pain!

For example, if you are hanging a picture and you hit your finger with the hammer… Well… you are going to vedere le stelle!


3) ESSERE AL SETTIMO CIELO [Over the moon – On cloud nine]

If someone says that s/he is al settimo cielo… what would you think that s/he means? Troposphere or stratosphere? No… nothing to do with it! This expression simply means that someone is extremely happy!

There is also another similar expression with the same meaning: TOCCARE IL CIELO CON UN DITO


4) NON CI PIOVE! [There’s no doubt about it!]

We use this expression when we have no doubts about something, when we know something for sure!

For example, with LearnAmo your italian is going to improve in a very short time! Su questo non ci piove!


5) AVERE LA LUNA STORTA [Be in a bad mood]

When we are ill-tempered, when we are nervous and we get easily angry… we have la luna storta!

We often say: “Oggi mi sono svegliato/a con la luna storta” [I woke up in a bad mood today!]


6) COME UN FULMINE A CIEL SERENO [Like a bolt from the blue⚡

If something happens come un fulmine a ciel sereno, it means that it was unexpected and it’s usually something negative!

If a company’s business is going extremely well and then, all of a sudden, sales decline drastically… the managers can say that this happened come un fulmine a ciel sereno!


7) AVERE UN COLPO DI FULMINE [Love at first sight!] ⚡

Although this expression might seem to refer to something negative, it is used to say that someone fell in love at first sight! Isn’t that great? 🙂

Do these expressions exist in your language? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to have a look at all our Italian lessons!

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L'espressione "vedere le stelle" significa "essere felicissimi".
Quando siamo super felici, cosa tocchiamo con un dito?
La sua morte è stata come un fulmine
Stamattina mi sono alzato con storta!
Ci siamo innamorati a prima vista, un vero e proprio colpo di ____ !
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