How to CONGRATULATE in Italian!

What does a promotion at work, a degree, a wedding and a beautiful girl have in common? The need to congratulate! Therefore, don’t miss this amazing video-lesson in which Graziana will reveal all the ways to congratulate in Italian at any occasion!

Expressions to congratulate in Italian

1. If you want to congratulate someone for their successes or for having done a very good job, you can use simple expressions such as:

BRAVISSIMO/A! (That’s great!)

CHE BRAVO/A! (That’s good!)

OTTIMO LAVORO! (Great job!)

Maybe, if you want to encourage them for the future, you can add other expressions such as:

CONTINUA COSÌ! (Keep it up!)

SEI DAVVERO IN GAMBA! (You’re really smart!)

The person will feel motivated and will do even better next time!

2. Instead, to congratulate someone in specific circumstances such as marriages, graduation parties, promotions or other events of this kind, it is possible to use a bit more formal sentences and formulations:


COMPLIMENTI! (Well done!)

CONGRATULAZIONI! (Congratulations!)

FELICITAZIONI! (Felicitations!)

Possibly, you can also add short sentences as:

COMPLIMENTI PER IL LIETO EVENTO! (Congratulations on this blessed event)

FELICITAZIONI PER IL TRAGUARDO RAGGIUNTO! (Felicitations for your achievement)

AUGURI! TE LO SEI MERITATO! (Congratulations, you deserved it)

3. Instead, to make a physical appreciation, you can use CHE followed by a NOUN, an ADJECTIVE or BOTH

For example:

Che bella ragazza! (What a beautiful girl)

Che schianto! (Smokin’!)

Che bambino carino! (What a lovely child!)

Che occhi splendidi! (What pretty eyes!)

But you can also use CHE to congratulate someone on their character!

For example:

Che gentile! (That’s nice!)

Che persona incantevole/affascinante! (What a lovely person)

Che cortese! (So polite!)

Obviously, nobody forbids you to use the form “ESSERE + noun, adjective or both

For example:

Sei bellissima (You’re so beautiful)

Sei una persona fantastica (You’re an amazing person)

4. To express general appreciation, on anything,  you can use COME (how) verb

For example:

Come sei gentile! (How kind you are!)

Come disegni bene! (You’re really good in drawing)

Come parli bene italiano! (How good your Italian is!)

5. If you haven’t seen someone for a long time and, meeting them again, you want to express your compliments on their appearance, you can say:

TI VEDO IN (OTTIMA) FORMA! (You look good)

STAI PROPRIO BENE! (You look nice)

TI TROVO BENE! (You look great)

SEI IN FORMA (You are in shape)

6. If you want to express an appreciation on someone’s look, style, because maybe they cut their hair, or they’re wearing a fashionable outfit, you can say:

QUESTO TAGLIO / OUTFIT TI DONA! (This haircut/outfit suits you)

STAI DA DIO! (You look awesome)

QUESTO VESTITO TI STA UNA FAVOLA or TI STA A PENNELLO (This dress looks great on you)

7. Instead, if you want to compliment someone because they look much younger than their real age, you can say:

PORTI (MOLTO) BENE I TUOI ANNI (You look very good for your age)


NON LI DIMOSTRI PER NIENTE (No one would say you’re …)

Anybody would appreciate such compliments!

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At last we remind you to use these expressions only if you you’re sincere! Otherwise a person will immediately understand that you’re making a fake compliment and… they won’t be very happy about that!

Well… now it’s your turn! Try to write the best sentence to congratulate!

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Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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