Apps to Learn FOREIGN LANGUAGES (Italian, English, Spanish, French…)

Smartphones are devices that are present in everybody’s lives and that are used a lot throughout the day.  For this reason, we decided to show you several apps of different types (and most of them are free) that will help you a lot in learning Italian and more.

The 11 best apps to learn foreign languages

1) Hellotalk

HelloTalk is an app that will make you come into contact  and will make you chat, via written and vocal messages, with the native speakers of the language you’re studying. But its strong point is immediacy: you can speak to whoever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want, for free!

Download Hellotalk

2) MosaLingua

MosaLingua is a language learning app entirely based on the MOSA Learning method (developed from cognitive science studies) and the SRS system (designed following many years of scientific research in language learning). The MosaLingua app constantly adapts to the student’s difficulties and his/her own rhythm, ensuring a gradual learning from the most useful and used words, as well as the essential grammatical structures. MosaLingua is able to record and recognise each student’s mistakes, and therefore it can focus the study plan on those areas in which they have encountered more difficulties, especially through exercises to stimulate visual and auditory memory, as well as repetitions at the right time.

Download MosaLingua for iOS

Download MosaLingua for Android

3) Italki

Italki is a revolutionary app that will make you speak to teachers, from all over the world, who are ready to teach their language on line at relatively low prices! Besides, it’s extremely flexible because you can choose the time and day of your lesson!

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4) NordVPN

NordVPN is a very useful tool for learning a language, since it will allow you to overcome the geo-restrictions and will give you access to all contents (movies, TV channels, TV series, newspapers) cheaply, safely and quickly: just like you were in Italy! In addition, with NordVPN you have the possibility to buy flight tickets to travel to Italy or any other country at more economic rates, by simply changing the country at the time of purchase.

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5) Tandem 

Via this app you’ll join a community of million of people who are passionate about foreign languages, who are ready to teach you and help you with their language as long as you to the same thing with yours! Unlike Hellotalk, Tandem offers the possibility of buying, or giving, paid private lessons!

Download Tandem for iOS

Download Tandem for Android

6) Busuu

Busuu offers the possibility to learn over 2 languages through dynamic and interactive courses that will help you to improve the 4 basic required skills to speak a language properly: listening, speaking, writing and reading! The lessons will fit your skill level and you’ll have the possibility to cooperate with native speakers who will correct your texts or your pronunciation.

Download Busuu

7) Reverso 

Reverso is an app used to translate, that offers contextualized translations! That means if you want to translate a sentence, word or expression, it will give you not only a simple translation of what you’ve written, but also some examples of contexts in which it might be present. Another amazing feature of this app is the presence of audio tracks, that will give you the possibility to listen to the pronunciation of the translated sentence!

Download Reverso for iOS

Download Reverso for Android

8) Italian Verb Conjugator 

This app allows you to learn conjugations of Italian verbs in an easily, flexibly and for free, even without Internet connection! Besides, even in this case you’ll have the possibility of listening the pronunciation of the words you have been searching.

Download Italian Verb Conjugator for iOS

Download Italian Verb Conjugator for Android

9) Dizionario Italiano e Sinonimi

This free app is quite interesting since it offers a set of information like definitions, synonyms and etymology, taken from authoritative sources, fore every word that is searched. In addition, you can listen to the pronunciation thanks to the audio tracks!

Download Dizionario Italiano e Sinonimi for iOS

Download Dizionario Italiano e Sinonimi for Android

10) Duolingo

This free app is very useful, especially if you’re beginners and you have a knowledge base in the language, since it combines fun with an effective learning. The interactive teaching method is focused on vocabulary: words, expressions, but also grammar. The exercises, that include listening, translations and multiple choice questions, represent the strong point of this app. Just like a videogame you’ll have some lives at your disposal that will decrease after every mistake, forcing you to start the lesson again if you reach zero lives.

Download Duolingo for iOS

Download Duolingo for Android

11) Enigmista: Cruciverba 

Crossword puzzles can be very stimulating or relaxing, they’re great to train your minds, but they can also be very useful to learn a new language. If you enjoy resolving crossword puzzles and you want to learn while having fun, Enigmista: Cruciverba is for you.

Download Enigmista: Cruciverba for iOS

Download Enigmista: Cruciverba for Android

12) AnkiApp

AnkiApp is the best free solution for when you forget the words learned the day or the week before, since it allows you to create your own customized flashcards in content and style (colors, bullet lists, images, ecc)! In addition it will monitor your results, making you rehearse more often what you know the least, automatically!

Download AnkiApp for iOS

Download AnkiApp for Android

Alright, we hope these apps might be useful to learn any language you’re studying! Besides, we suggest you to take a look at our video on how to learn a new language in less than a month, you won’t regret it!

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