Things that irritate Italian people during Christmas!

Christmas is coming, thus in today’s article we are going to talk about a Christmas-themed topic, although perhaps it’s not what you would expect. In fact, we are going to talk about the things that Italian people can’t bear during Christmas holidays, but that regularly happen every year, starting from the less irritating to the most annoying!

6 things that annoy Italians at Christmas 

6) Underestimating panettone, pandoro and nougat

Panettone, pandoro and nougat are the desserts which better represent Christmas in Italy. However there’s always some cheap relative who buys panettoni, pandori and nougats of dubious quality and small size or he even takes the ones which were left over the previous year!
In addition, among the other annoying things at Christmas, related to these three desserts we can’t forget:

– the well-built cousin who, in order to show his Herculean strength, shakes the envelope of the pandoro to spread the powdered sugar, so strongly that he breaks it, pouring out the sugar on the floor

– the grandpa who breaks his denture with the hazelnut of the nougat and starts swearing;

– the cousin, who is graduated in law and who mediates in a continuous struggle among those who don’t want raisin, candied fruit, chocolate or those who want a product OGM-free or preservative-free ecc.

5) Traditionalist vs Liberal

Christmas is always Christmas and brings with it a number of traditions passed down from generation to generation, especially in the culinary field! This means there’s always someone who complains about the menu, which is too redundant and not innovative. However, when the changes finally happen, everybody complains about them and reminisce the traditional lasagne or the old good roast.

4) “Eat it all, it’s Christmas!”

During Christmas, in Italy, you eat well, very well but above all… very much! In fact the grandmother or the mother who has cooked for hours, wants you to eat everything, just because it’s Christmas, sacrificing all the efforts you made at the gym!

We’re at halfway through our list where we find:

3) Interrupting the dinner because of the relative dressed as Santa Clause 

Often, at Christmas it’s very difficult remaining seated at the table and eating peacefully because of the constant babbling of the aunt and the mother-in-law, of the sister-in-law and the cousins ecc… but to make matters worse, the relative dressed as Santa Clause shows up and interrupts our delicious dinner, to put on his usual, boring show… which also cools our dish!

2) Being stuck between the 2 usual obnoxious relatives 

Everybody has those relatives we can’t bear, that aunt who never got married and never stops asking how your studies are going, or that cousin who always dresses up like she is taking part in a high-class event.
For some mysterious reason we always end up sitting and being stuck with those 2 relatives we can’t stand at all! To make matters worse, you can also end up at the edge of the table, where the food comes cold or doesn’t come at all!

At last, we have:

1) The disadvantages of bingo

Christmas bingo, a moment for recreation that comes after dinner, can be one of the most annoying events at Christmas, since there’s always someone who gets on our nerves, like:

  • la cugina fortunata che vince sempre tutto (ambo, terno, quaterna, cinquina e pure la tombola!), arricchendosi con i vostri soldi
  • The little bit deaf grandpa who can’t hear the numbers…
  •  The bit drunk uncle who thinks he is funny by shouting “ambo” after the first number or “tombola” (bingo!) after 4 or 5 numbers …

Alright! This is our list, now let us know if these things happen to you too!

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Merry Christmas to you all!

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