Do you know DRIED FRUIT and WILD BERRIES? Prove it taking a TEST!

Who doesn’t like dried fruit and wild berries? The problem is that many foreign and Italian students have many difficulties with the names of these types of fruit! This is why in today’s video we decided to do a little vocabulary test on the subject!

Italian Vocabulary Test: Dried Fruit and Wild Berries

After the success of our Vocabulary Test, we decided to resume this format and offer you something more specific.

For some absurd reason, many people totally ignore the name of many types of nuts and berries, so we decided to do this little Italian quiz in which you can test your knowledge on the topic!

Personally, during the filming of the video, we realized that we never tried many types of nuts and berries. So, let us know in the comments how they taste and if they are worth trying!

Ah, of course, don’t forget to let us know your score! Did you already know all the names, or just some of them? We are very curious!

Also, we would like to know if you find interesting these types of vocabulary videos! If the answer will be positive, we will film many other similar ones (for example on tools, diseases, housing, etc.). If, on the other hand, you find them boring, we will stop to do them immediately!

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