Stop Saying: “MI PIACE” in Italian! – Learn all the ALTERNATIVES

The Italian expression mi piace (I like), is very common and very used. For this reason, we are going to see together a series of possible alternatives ordered in intensity of satisfaction, so that you can enrich your vocabulary, to avoid saying “mi piace”!

The best alternatives to “MI PIACE”

In this article you’re going to learn  all the ways to express appreciation in Italian! Let’s get it started:

1) Non mi dispiace

This alternative is certainly less strong than “mi piace”. It is used to express that we enjoyed something, but not too much.

Example: “Non mi è dispiaciuto l’ultimo film di Tarantino”  (Tarantino’s last movie wasn’t bad)

2) Apprezzo

This alternative is rather formal and expresses a moderate and contained appreciation.

Example: “Apprezzo molto il Suo interessamento nel mio progetto” (I really appreciate your interest in my project)

3) Mi garba

This alternative, on the other hand, is quite informal but it’s used a lot, especially by young people.

Example: “Quelle moto mi garbano un bel po’!” (Those motorcycles appeal to me very much!)

4) Mi va

There are two ways to use this alternative:

1) Followed by a noun

Example: “Ti vanno due birre?” (Would you like to have a couple of beers?)

2) Followed by  “di + infinitive”.

Example:  “Ti va di fare un giro in centro?“(Would you like to go downtown?)

5) Mi sfagiola

This expression is not very widespread in Puglia and it’s not very clear in which regions it’s actually used, however you can hear it in some movie as colloquial expression. Let us know if you already knew this alternative!

Example: “Ma ti sfagiola quel tipo?” (Are you interested in that guy?)

6) Mi va a genio

Even this expression is quite colloquial and it’s very used throughout Italy.

Example: “Finalmente ho trovato un segretario che mi va a genio” (I finally found a secretary I’m fond of)

Now it’s time to see some stronger alternatives:

7) Adoro

This alternative expresses an intense satisfaction and probably it’s the form that Italian people use the most.

Example: “Io adoro insegnare l’italiano: è la mia passione!” (I love teaching Italian: it’s my passion!)

8) Amo / sono innamorato di

In addition to having a romantic connotation, these alternatives are used to express appreciation!

Example: “Amo camminare sotto la Torre degli Asinelli. Sono innamorata delle strutture imponenti” (I love walking under the the Asinelli Tower. I’m in love with their majestic structures)

What about you? Are you in love with something? Let us know in the comment section!

9) Vado pazzo/matto per

We use this expression to indicate something we like so much that drives us crazy!

Example: “Rocco va matto per la cioccolata fondente, mentre io vado pazza per il tartufo” (Rocco is crazy about dark chocolate, but I’m all about truffle)

10) È una figata/uno sballo!

These alternatives generally belong to juvenile and colloquial language. If you want to further explore this topic you can watch our video about Italian slang.

Examples: “La pallacanestro è davvero una figata” (Basketball is awesome!)

or: “Il sushi è uno sballo!” (Sushi is mind-blowing!)

Eleventh and last alternative, the strongest one!

11) Mi fa morire 

Even this alternative is colloquial, although it’s commonly used

Example: “I prodotti della LearnAmo Collection  mi fanno morire” (The merchandise branded LearnAmo Collection really kills me! )

Alright! This lesson ends here, but you can find other videos related to alternatives in Italian, like: alternatives to “non lo so” (I don’t know) or alternatives to “voglio” (I want).

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Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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