FIESOLE: a suburb in Tuscany rich in History, Food and Panoramic Views of Florence

Today we take you to another wonderful place in Tuscany: Fiesole! This Italian town has aroused touristic and cultural interest in recent decades, thanks in part to the stunning views it offers, particularly in Florence, and its markets where you can find anything: fancy goods, cutting boards (ideal for cold cuts and cheese appetizers), flowers, clothing, local delicacies, etc. In addition, in this video, you will see how Rocco prepares Bruschetta Toscana among Etruscan hills!

What to see in Fiesole

Fiesole is a little town of approximately 14.000 inhabitants, rose on the hills at the foot of the town of Florence.

Since the XIV century, this town has been nationally recognized as one of the most characteristic historic centers throughout Italy. Its main square, Piazza Mino da Fiesole is famous for the statue located in the center, which represents the encounter between Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II in Teano, when the Italian commander ceded the conquered lands to his King in October 1860, during Italian Unification.

Fiesole boats some of the best panoramic spots to see Florence from above. The view from above is awesome! You can clearly see Florence with its dome and beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Convent of San Francesco in Fiesole

With a little effort, you can climb up to the highest point of Fiesole to visit the Convent of Franciscan Friars, on the top of the hill. Here, at the time of the Etruscans, there was a city called Vipsul, but in 1399 the friars started to build this convent, a symbol of Fiesole tourism. Even today, many Italian and foreign tourists decide to visit this place to admire the ancient clerical architecture.

In the convent, it is possible to visit the ancient cells used by friars as private rooms. You can clearly notice the small size of the room, which only offered space for one bed, a window, and one writing desk at most. Undoubtedly, the friars were short of stature, considering the size of the room and the steps reaching this area. In any case, the view from these tiny windows is breathtaking!

The Archeological Fiesole

The latest attraction of Fiesole is the Archeological Area, dating back to the Roman era, which still presents rests of the theatre, the temple, and the thermae. In the Archeological Museum of the town there are finds from the III-II century BC.

Villa Medici

Another truly milestone in Fiesole is Villa Medici. Villa Medici is one of the numerous villas built at the behest of the Medici family, prominent over the whole period of Renaissance in Tuscany. One of the oldest and best-preserved villas in the area, also known as Belcanto or Palagio di Fiesole. It is only partly known as a tourist attraction, and that is why we recommend you visit it, especially its admirable three-level garden. Every zone has, in fact, its distinctive vegetation, characterized by different styles.

Food to try in Fiesole

The town of Fiesole not only offers art and history, but it is also known as one of the best holiday destinations for the food and wine sector. Food has indeed an important role in this region. It is homeland of worldwide famous dishes as Zuppa di ceci al cacciucco, typical Tuscan dish, the Florentine steak, characterized by his particular piece of meat, with a weight of about 2 kg. Alternatively, we can talk about Bruschetta Toscana, called “Fettunta”, which allows you to try a nice extra virgin olive oil km zero. It is possible to taste this appetizer with a Tuscan Chardonnay, as Rocco does in the video.

In short, if you have a couple of hours to spend nearby Florence, we suggest Fiesole! Do not forget to watch our video on Palazzo Pitti and Boboli’s Garden in Florence, as well! In the same video, we ate poke with Chinese chopsticks… for the first time! Yeah, for the first time!

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