Italian FOOTBALL/SOCCER Expressions: Salvarsi in calcio d’Angolo/Corner!

In today’s article we are going to see a very common idiom in Italy which originates from the footballing universe: “salvarsi in calcio d’angolo” or, in English, “corner“.

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What does “salvarsi in calcio d’angolo/corner” mean?

Before we explain the meaning of this expression we need to define what a “calcio d’angolo” is.

calcio d’angolo (corner kick): if the ball goes beyond the baseline after being kicked by a player of the defensive team, at that point, the opposing team, gets a corner kick. Usually the players prefer kicking the ball beyond the baseline, granting an advantage to their opponents,  to avoid a risky or an unfavorable situation.

Now, having said that, let’s explain the expression:

salvarsi in calcio d’angolo: (dodge a bullet) getting into safety at the last moment, at the last second, with the last available object, turning the tables of a situation which seemed hopeless or unsolvable. So just like in soccer, a corner kick is given, possibly,  to avoid undergoing a scoring goal.

Therefore we can say this expression has the same meaning of the expression: “per il rotto della cuffia(saved by the bell).

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