HiNative: the APP to Speak like a Native

Learning languages is very hard, but speaking like a native speaker is even harder! Would you like to get to know a very useful tool for foreign language learners? Then read this article and discover this amazing APP: HiNative!

HiNative: speak like a native speaker

Sure, speaking using simple words and phrases is very easy, but is speaking without making mistakes really an achievement? Wouldn’t you also like to be as fluent as native speakers? Well, I know just the APP for you!

HiNative! This is a really great app. HiNative allows you to interact constantly with native speakers from the community of the foreign language you are studying. Thanks to this app, you can ask questions about words, and expressions you don’t know, the meaning and use of certain idioms and words! Thanks to HiNative, you can ask and clarify any doubts you may have.

HiNative is truly an essential resource for anyone studying a foreign language. But how exactly does it work? Let’s find out together!

Registering with HiNative is very easy, once you have logged in, the app will as you a few questions about the languages you are interested in (both your mother tongue and the one you are studying), the reason why you are registering and the context in which you want to expand your language skills: colloquial context, work context, school contexts, and more! Once you have registered, you will have the experience that best suits your needs and level!

HiNative’s community is very large and lively, with no less than 113 languages and users from 170 different countries. Simply select the language you are learning and you will be automatically put in touch with native speakers of that language.

Here’s everything you can do with HiNative!

Questions and Answers

HiNative is essentially a Q&A APP (an app for asking and answering questions), so you can ask anything you want. You can ask, for example, what a certain word means, or how to pronounce it! You can also ask things that are not strictly language-related, such as things related to the culture of the country of the language you are studying.

To ask questions, the app allows you to make use of templates (most of which are available with the Premium package), or to write freely whatever you want.

Once you have asked your question, you will receive effective answers from people who speak that language as their mother tongue. You can change the language in which you can ask questions to your linking.

Native speakers can also answer your questions with a voice recording, so that you can hear the actual pronunciation of the word or phrase you are interested in!

In addition to audio recordings, you are allowed to attach pictures or photos, depending on what you need.


Once your question is officially online, native speakers can respond to your post, giving corrections and advice.

You can also record yourself reading or pronouncing something and ask the native speakers for feedback on your pronunciation. Don’t worry about making mistakes: you have to live to learn! So don’t be too shy and expose yourself to the world!

The answers can also be evaluated by the users as to whether it was helpful or not.

Search tool

Even for the most timid there is absolutely no need to worry! In fact, you can do a search directly within the app and find questions already asked b y other users on the topic that interests you. This way you will have the answers to your questions without having to expose yourself in the community. Being a very interactive community, all content and discussions are available to everyone.

Another special feature of this app is that there is no way of private messaging with people, so there is no risk of running into uncomfortable or unpleasant situations.

Give the app a look, it’s worth it! It costs nothing to try! That’s right, the app is free. However there is also the possibility to buy the Premium package, which allows you to enjoy some extra benefits.

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