Phrases to Convince People to Do What YOU Want!

Being persuasive, convincing people to do what we want is a skill that brings a lot of benefits, although morally questionable, therefore doing that is up to you. However, for information purposes, we are going to show you some sentences that are used to persuade people!

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9 sentences that are used to manipulate people

In this article we are going to learn how to manipulate people or, at least, how to recognise a manipulative attempt!

1)  Se davvero ci tieni a me, devi farlo… (If you really care about me, you have to do it…)

This line relies on people’s feelings and emotions. In fact, our emotions deeply affect us, leading us and determining our actions. Therefore, thanks to the dominion over our emotions, the manipulator can control us.


Another line that’s very similar to the previous one is:

2)  Se vuoi mantenere il legame che ci unisce, non puoi rifiutarti di farlo… (If you want to preserve the bond between us, you can’t refuse to do it…)

Again, with this line the manipulator tries to take advantage of  the emotions and the affection of the victims to lead them to take a determinate action. We are aware that using these lines is not an honorable thing, however we are showing them to you so that you can avoid those who use against you!


3) È per il tuo bene! (It’s for your own good!)

This line is very tricky since it makes the other people think that doing or not doing something might be good for their own interests, or might result convenient somehow.


Let’s move now to the next line:

4) Dopo tutto quello che ho fatto per te, me lo devi! (After all I’ve done for you, you owe me that!)

This line induces the victims to do something on the basis that, according to the manipulator, they would be in debt. In fact many people don’t like being reproached so, in order to get make it up to them, they’d do anything!


5) Se non mi ascolti, te ne pentirai (If don’t listen to me, you’re gonna regret it)

This line is based on two main aspects:

1) The fear that not doing what the manipulator is asking might lead to negative consequences and repercussions. For example, the manipulator might have or know something compromising on the victim and this line can be used to blackmail them.

2) Creating a doubt in the victim’s mind: not doing what the manipulator asks, might be a mistake that would make them regret later. For example: the manipulator might propose to the victim to invest in a big project. By using this line, the manipulator instills in the mind of the victim the doubt that, in case they didn’t accept the proposal, they wouldn’t enjoy the fruits of it, if one day that project ended up being a success.


6) Sei l’unica persona al mondo in grado di… (You’re the only person on Earth who is able to…)

With this line the manipulator tries to flatter the victim and, at the same time, put them in the position that prevents them from backing off. In fact, since the victim is the only “person on Earth” who is able to do what the manipulator wants, they can’t refuse because there wouldn’t be valid alternatives!


7) Ti prometto che poi non ti chiederò mai più nulla (I promise I’ll never ask you for anything ever again)

With this line the manipulator is trying to convince the victims by promising them, if they were to accept the request they’ve made, they’d never ask for anything ever again. A tempting proposition… that unfortunately turns out to be unfounded, in most cases.


8) Cosa ti costa? (What’s the big deal?)

This line is often used by manipulators to make their victims think that what they’re asking is not particularly difficult or complicated. Its purpose, in fact, is to play down the importance of the request, leading the potential victims to give in to what the manipulator wants to get from them.


9) Non sai di cosa sono capace (You don’t know what I’m capable of)

This one is an actual threat! In fact, when the manipulators use this line, they’re trying to intimidate the victims into thinking they’d do anything to get back at them.

Alright, these are the lines that are used to manipulate people: now you’ll be able to recognize them and avoid those who use them against you or, if you want to reply in kind, you can watch our video on the sentences that drives Italian people crazy. It will be very useful to you! But, if you prefer to relax, watch our video on the 5 strangest Italian pizzas!

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