The 5 CRAZIEST and STRANGEST, but incredibly DELICIOUS Italian PIZZAS! ?

In today’s article we are not going to nourish your mind, but we’re going to nourish your… stomach! In fact, we are going to tell you about a magical place, where legend and reality collide: the restaurant-pizzeria Console & Co’s, where you can find great pizza chef known as King Granato, who is famous for his 5 legendary pizzas that he and he alone can make!

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The 5 Legendary Italian Pizzas


1) Sicario 

This pizza, which looks more a calzone, has as main for the filling: anchovies, scamorza cheese and olives, with the addition of  mozzarella cheese and olive oil for the top. Once it’s out of the oven, it is further seasoned with burrata, lemon rind and rocket. It’s light and tasty!


Sicario Pizza
Sicario Pizza


2) Sfiziosa

This pizza is prepared with: mozzarella, radicchio and Balsamic Vinegar glaze. This last ingredient gives the pizza a very distinctive and unique flavor!


Sfiziosa Pizza
Sfiziosa Pizza


3) Granato 

This legendary pizza takes its name directly from its creator and it’s made with: tomato sauce, bacon, provola cheese, black pepper and Parmesan cheese. This combination of ingredients gives the pizza an intense flavor that you should definitely try, even to understand why Granato is the King of pizza.


Granato Pizza
Granato Pizza


4) Mari e Monti 

This pizza is prepared with: mozzarella cheese, tomato, shrimp, courgettes and porcini mushrooms which are ingredients that allow the palate to taste and appreciate the flavors of typical dishes of seaside towns like Bari.


Mare e Monti Pizza
Mare e Monti Pizza


Alright, we have come to the last amazing pizza, the legendary:

5) Stellare 

There’s no other place where you can taste this pizza and it is prepared with: Pan di Stelle cream, Pan di Stelle biscuits and whipped cream; it is really sweet and delicious, especially if paired with a great limoncello. But be careful: refrain if you’re on diet!


Pan di Stelle Pizza
Stellare Pizza


Alright, these are King Granato’s legendary pizzas; be sure to try them at Console & Co’s, if you’re in Bologna, you won’t regret that! Furthermore, if you want to taste other Italian delights, you can take a look at our video on the typical regional dishes in Italy.

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