C’ENTRARE or CENTRARE? Meaning and use in Italian

Centrare or C’entrare? Mmm…  This sounds like a difficult choice to make, doesn’t it? If you want to know the meaning of these two verbs and how they’re used, don’t miss this amazing video-lesson! There’s also a bonus: the expression “avere qualcosa a che fare con”.

What does C’ENTRARE mean?

ENTRARCI (that’s the right form of this verb’s infinitive) means to have a connection with / to have a relationship with.


Cosa c’entra questa pianta con l’arredamento? Forse niente! Però mi piaceva e l’ho comprata…  (What does this plant have to do with the forniture? Maybe nothing! But I liked it and I bought it…)

This expression can be also used in the negative form: NON ENTRARCI with the meaning of not having a connection with / not have a relationship with


La fortuna non c’entra proprio nulla con l’apprendimento delle lingue! (Luck has really nothing to do with language learning!)

We need to clarify two things, though.

First, we need to be careful not to mistake the verb ENTRARCI with the verb CENTRARE, that means to hit the mark/target. 


Per vincere al gioco delle freccette, bisogna essere capaci di centrare il bersaglio. (In order to win in a dart match, you need to be able to hit the target).

The second clarification is that the expression AVERE A CHE FARE has the same meaning of ENTRARCI. The two of them are interchangeable.


Cosa c’entra la luna con le maree?

Or with the same meaning we might say:

Cosa ha a che fare la luna con le maree? 

(What does the moon have to do with tides?)

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