All you NEED to know about COFFEE in ITALY

We all know it, Italians are real coffee lovers, but what is its history? And how do you make a good Italian coffee?


As you surely already know, Italians are big coffee lovers and they drink an average of 3 coffees a day!

Coffee, however, only arrived in Italy in the 1600s thanks to the commercial relationships that some cities of the Italian peninsula had with the Ottomans, already consumers of this drink since many decades.

Strange as it may seem, when coffee made its debut in Italy, particularly in Venice, it did not have a very positive reception, because, being a Muslim drink, it was believed that it was created by the devil.

To dispel any suspicion was necessary the intercession of Pope Clement VIII, who, after drinking a cup of coffee, baptized the drink, giving it its sacred approval and allowing the coffee to begin its amazing spread throughout the peninsula.

But how do you make a coffee? Well nowadays, thanks to automatic machines, a coffee pod and a button would be enough to drink a good cup of coffee…

But the more traditionalists still prefer to use a specific type of coffee maker: the legendary moka!

And it is with this that today we will explain how to make a perfect Italian coffee!

First of all, of course, you have to get yourself a moka!

After that, you will need to unscrew it, open it and fill it with water up to a screw inside it, that is the safety valve. Pay attention, it is important to put the right amount of water: right at the height of the valve!

Once this is done, cover the water with the coffee container, and fill the latter with coffee in proportion to the number of cups that the moka can produce: the coffee maker we use in the video can usually give 2 cups of coffee.

Once you have passed this step, screw the coffee maker (squeezing it tight!) and put it on the stove with absolutely light flame: in this way you will extract all the coffee aromas!

After a few minutes you will hear a noise indicating that the coffee is coming out… then check if the coffee maker is full and, when the coffee reaches more or less the edge, turn off the stove!

Take the coffee pot from the handle, being careful not to burn yourself and pour it into the cups.

Now all you have to do is to drink it, perhaps with a teaspoon of sugar and / or a little of milk, even if the traditionalists prefer it bitter!

Ah, have you seen how Graziana drinks coffee in the video? With the little finger up?

This way of drinking coffee is typical of many Italians, but honestly… it’s not very elegant and doesn’t even make much sense … so we advise you against imitating it!

Then if you get up your little finger, nobody dies! It is not one of those 7 things that make Italians mad, that we talked about in another video!

Last thing before concluding! When we speak of coffee in Italian we mean what in many other countries is called “espresso“. But in Italy there are many types of coffee, including the one that is mostly drunk abroad (the one with much more hot water than espresso) which we call “American coffee“.
Another type of very popular coffee, especially in summer, is coffee with ice. While others prefer to add milk and drink a marocchino (coffee with hot milk and chocolate) or a cappuccino.

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Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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