Italian expressions: ALZARE IL GOMITO – Learn Italian

Have you ever boozed during a party and woken up with a hangover the following morning? Some things are unavoidable in life… That’s why it is extremely important to know this expression in Italian!

Italian Idioms

In Italian, there are a lot of expressions that can cause some trouble because they have two meanings: literal and metaphorical.

Among the most common and more frequently used expressions, we find:


Il gomito (elbow) is a body part, the joint located between the arm and the forearm.

Alzare, instead, means “raising, lift something”

So, the literal meaning of this expression is “raising the elbow, lift it

But, as we mentioned before, this expression has also a second meaning, a metaphorical one: bere troppo alcol (drinking too much alcohol)


Ieri Luca è stato lasciato dalla fidanzata e oggi ha alzato un po’ troppo il gomito per non pensarci più. (Yesterday Luca broke up with his girlfriend and today he has bent the elbow to forget about it)

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