What to VISIT & DO in the LANGHE and Barolo (Piedmont)

Do you want to treat yourself to a wonderful holiday in the picturesque landscapes of the Langhe, in the Italian region of Piemonte? You’re in the right place! Here you will find many tips and ideas to help you visit the best destinations scattered over the small villages of the Langhe.

The LANGHE and BAROLO: 7 must-visit attractions

Barolo is a small Italian town in the Province of Cuneo, in the Italian region of Piemonte. This special village has a small population, and despite being among one of the smallest towns in the Langhe, it’s filled with places to visit. Let’s see them together!

1. Il Castello dei Marchesi Falletti (Castle of the Marquises Falletti)

Once in Barolo, the first stop not to be missed is the Castello dei Marchesi Falletti, the symbol of the village.

It’s the first thing you notice on the way to the city. It was initially built for defense purposes, and later on turned into the country house of the Marquises Falletti family. It now houses WiMu, the famous wine museum.

2. WiMu: The Wine Museum

Barolo, as many people know, is home to the famous wine, which is named after it. That’s why this museum represents the #1 attraction.

The WiMu museum is an essential stop suitable for both adults and children, being an interactive experience that can be enjoyed by the little ones as well. Also, it is situated in a very picturesque location inside the castle.

3. The Corkscrew Museum

Here’s another interesting museum, housed within an old cellar. It is entirely dedicated to this object, which may seem trivial at first. The museum was opened in 2006 and it now holds about 500 pieces from all over the world, going from the 18th century to our time.

4. The Old Town Center

Along with visiting the museums, you must take a stroll in the old town center, where you can have an extra-special experience among cellars, nice traditional restaurants and old buildings. It’s worth it!

Piazza Falletti is where La Chiesa di Barolo (the Barolo Church) is located. It is a small yet quaint building where you can admire some beautiful frescos.

Alongside the piazza, you can find La Chiesa di Sant’Agostino (Sant’Agostino Church), where art galleries and small events are hosted nowadays.

5. La Strada del Barolo (Barolo Wine Route)

This area has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is why it’s now one of the must-see tourist attractions you can’t miss.

La Strada del Barolo is a panoramic route that connects all the small villages of the Langhe, including Barolo. You can visit cellars and farms along the way.

There are different kinds of itineraries to suit all tastes, medieval walking tours with visits to castles and villages, or routes dedicated entirely to art, natural scenery and museums.

You wine lovers can enjoy an intriguing wine-tasting experience, savoring the finest wines of the area.

6. The La Morra Belvedere

Barolo is not the only place full of local color of the Langhe. Just 7 kilometers away is the little town of La Morra, one of the can’t-miss places to visit. Here, one of the most beloved and popular spots has to be the belvedere, a beautiful lookout point that offers gorgeous top views overlooking the hills and the vineyards.

7. Alba

It would be impossible not to mention Alba, the capital of the Langhe, a lovely town that you can’t miss when visiting this region. It owes its fame to the International White Truffle Fair, which is held annually from October to November and is dedicated to this well-known tuber that is then sold at very high prices. Also, Alba is home to Ferrero, where the ever-popular Nutella is made!

The little ones, on the other hand, can join a fun treasure hunt planned every year at the beginning of Truffle season.

The Langhe is the perfect destination for a family weekend or even a simple one-day trip, where you can enjoy tastings, some relaxing time and fine food.

Barolo, Alba, and La Morra are only some of the many towns that partake in the Strada del Barolo, as many others await you with their stories, glorious landscapes and attractions. There’s nothing left to do…but let your curiosity lead you!

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