Nations and Nationalities in Italian

During our lessons with foreign students, we noticed that many of them, even the most advanced, make mistakes with the names of some Nations and the respective nationalities! Here’s a full list and a video to ensure that there are no more doubts!

Nations and Nationalities in Italian

Paese (Nation)Nazionalità (-ano/a) (Nationality)
Afghanistanafghano (Afghani)
Australiaaustraliano (Australian)
Brasile (Brazil)brasiliano (Brazilian)
Corea del Nord (North Korea)
Corea del Sud (South Korea)
nord-coreano (North-Korean)
sud-coreano (South-Korean)
Colombiacolombiano (Colombian)
Cubacubano (Cuban)
Egitto (Egypt)egiziano (Egyptian)
Israele (Israel)israeliano (Israeli)
Italia (Italy)italiano (Italian)
Lituania (Lithuania)lituano (Lithuanian)
Messico (Mexico)messicano (Mexican)
Pakistanpakistano (Pakistani)
Polinesia (Polynesia)polinesiano (Polynesian)
Singaporesingaporiano (Singaporean)
Venezuelavenezuelano (Venezuelan)
Paese (Nation)Nazionalità (-ese) (Nationality)
Bangladeshbengalese (Bangladeshi)
Canadacanadese (Canadian)
Cina (China)cinese  (Chinese)
Danimarca (Denmark)danese (Danish) (Dane)
Finlandia (Finland)finlandese (Finnish) (Finn)
Francia (France)francese (French)
Irlanda (Ireland)irlandese (Irish)
Norvegia (Norway)norvegese (Norwegian)
Portogallo (Portugal)portoghese (Portuguese)
Paese (Nation)Nazionalità (-ino/a) (Nationality)
Algeriaalgerino (Algerian)
Argentinaargentino (Argentine)
Tunisiatunisino (Tunisian)
Paese (Nation)Nazionalità (-ense) (Nationality)
Stati Uniti d’America (USA)statunitense (American)
Panamapanamense (Panamanian)
Paese (Nation)Nazionalità (-eno/a) (Nationality)
Cile (Chile)cileno (Chilean)
Iraqiracheno (Iraqi)
Paese (Nation)Nazionalità (-o/a) (Nationality)
Grecia (Greece)greco (Greek)
Russiarusso (Russian)
Turchia (Turkey)turco (Turkish) (Turk)



Some adjectives of nationality have different suffixes from the others


vietnamita (Vietnamese)


salvadoregno/a (Salvadorean)


keniota (Kenyan)


polacco/a (Polish) (Pole)
slovacco/a (Slovak)

Review the flexion of adjectives!

Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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