ITALIAN PRONUNCIATION TEST: What’s Your Pronunciation Level?

In Italian, the pronunciation of words doesn’t cause particular  problems to those who study the language. However,  there are some Italian words that are often mispronounced. Therefore, in the following article we are going to propose you a test that will help you to find out what your level of pronunciation is, showed in a chart at the end of the test.

10 words that many people mispronounce 

Watch the video in this article and try to give the right answer, choosing between the two possibilities, related to the pronunciation of the following words:

1) Cresciuto (Grown up/Raised)

2) Maschera (Mask)

3) Psicologo (Psychologist)

4) Chiacchierare (Chatting)

5) Sciogliere (Melt/Dissolve/Disband)

6) Agnello (Lamb)

7) quaderno (Notebook)

8) Cranio (Skull)

9) Ghianda (Acorn)

10) Rocco

Alright, now it’s time to find out what your level is based on the right answers you gave during the test:

1 correct answer = beginner (A1)

2/3 correct answers = advanced beginner (A2)

4/5 correct answers = intermediate (B1)

6/7 correct answers =  advanced intermediate (B2)

8/9 correct answers = advanced (C1)

10 correct answers =  god of Italian language (C2)

We hope this test was useful, but we remind you that we have many other Italian tests that you should not miss! Also, we have a wonderful and clear video-lesson about Italian double consonants!

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