SUPERPROF: the Website that Helps You Learn EVERYTHING!

Everybody knows it: learning is wonderful, and getting high grades in school is tremendously rewarding. Unfortunately, however, it is not always that simple, especially in some subjects or areas that can be a bit challenging. In this article we will tell you about an amazing website that can help you achieve all these goals in EVERY SINGLE subject: read on to find out more about Superprof!

SUPERPROF: What is it?

  • How much is 4×4?
  • 16 – Brush up on your multiplication tables!
  • What is the capital of Peru?
  • Lima – just revise some geography!
  • What is that odd thing next to the musical notes called?
  • Treble clef… Learn some music!

That’s right…but you make it sound easy! Where can I actually find someone who’s willing to teach me all these things??? Easy! On Superprof! But what is that?

The Superprof website was created ten years ago with the intention of bringing together experienced teachers and driven students, promoting knowledge and its exchange, and enabling as many people as possible to grow while learning.

It is a well-organized website, with expert contributors who use the platform to teach and help people concretely to study for and pass their exams, as well as explore hundreds of topics relating to education, sports, music, arts and more!

WHAT Does The Platform Offer?

The platform offers both online and in-home private lessons.

Superprof provides a solution that combines the freedom to select your teacher from a choice of profiles according to your individual needs with the assurance of being able to check their reviews and curriculum.

It also provides the opportunity of finding teachers who specialize in over a thousand subjects, academic (math, Italian, languages, etc.) and extracurricular ones (tennis, music, yoga, etc.).

By simply entering your location and the subject (or subjects) you’re looking for on the website’s homepage, you’ll instantly have access to all the teachers in the area and across the country, whether you’re looking for French lessons, history and geography ones, English or Spanish lessons, or even sports ones!

What Are The GOALS Of PRIVATE Lessons?

Private lessons aim to help fill in the gaps developed during the school year, especially for middle and high school students. The objectives can vary, and they include:

  • Filling in knowledge gaps,
  • Preparing for a specific test or exam,
  • Having personalized homework help,
  • Improving grades and avoiding failing classes,
  • Delving into particular topics,
  • Developing a good study method that enables students to work independently.

What is the Difference Between a REGULAR Lesson And a PRIVATE One?

First, in school, the teacher is required to adhere to the ministerial syllabus and carry out the entire program planned for the current school year. Teachers also need to plan a series of standard lessons, because they may have classes of 30 or more pupils and therefore they cannot tailor their teachings to each student’s interests or learning challenges. More importantly, having to adhere to the syllabus from beginning to end (which often involves studying an entire chapter in three to four hours or so), the teacher will not have enough time to adapt to the rhythms of students with learning difficulties and students who have some gaps in the subject.

Instead, during the private lesson with Superprof, the teacher will be face-to-face with the student, and he or she will be able to clear up any doubts the student may have and create a specific plan for the latter. This will enable the pupil to not only improve their average, but also to understand what they are actually studying and broaden their general knowledge.

HOW MUCH Does Superprof Cost?

If a student wants to sign up for the Superprof platform, he or she must take into account the activation fee for the Superprof Student Pass, which is €29 per month.

The amount will be charged only when a teacher agrees to teach the first hour of class.

The Pass gives you the ability to contact all of the teachers on the platform, to get free first lessons with the majority of teachers, to pay for lessons from the portal in complete security without any kind of commission, to access to the internal agenda for lesson planning, to contact all of the teachers on the platform, and to get direct assistance from a dedicated team for finding the best teachers for your training path.

Service discount for LearnAmates by being able to activate the Pass for $19 instead of $29 by following this link

And don’t forget to learn Italian academic vocabulary: it will be very useful to you!

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