Unknown Places in Italy YOU should Visit at least ONCE!

As everybody knows, Italy can boast wonderful places and monuments that are worth visiting,  like: the Colosseum, the Duomo of Milan, the two Towers of Bologna ecc. However, in Italy, there are too many wonders that are unknown or completely ignored that deserve greater recognition. For this reason, in today’s article we are going to talk about the 8 Italian most amazing locations, but that are unknown to many. Stay with us!

The 8 Italian unknown places you must visit! 

Let’s start with:

1) Curon Venosta 

The municipality of Curon Venosta, is a territory located on the Northern borders of the Country, more precisely in the province of Bolzano. This small municipality is located close to the Resia lake, an artificial lake that was mainly created to generate hydroelectric energy, whose realization caused the disappearance  of the old town of Curon, which was rebuilt, further upstream, in 1950. Only the bell tower of the church keeps emerging from the water, enough to be one of the main attractions of the place, which gains an aura of mystery and a fascinating atmosphere.

2) Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo (The Monsters Park of Bomarzo)

But now, let’s move to the second unknown place which deserves to spotlighted: “il Parco dei Mostri” of Bomarzo, in the province of Viterbo. The natural park is definitely a fascinating destination but, at the same time, a bit scary. In fact, the park is adorned by many sculptures, dating to the XVI century, which portray: deities, legendary creatures and mythical animals that create, a very mysterious and terrifying atmosphere, in fact some legends say when daylight fades, the sculptures come to life!

Let’s continue with less scary places:

3) Spello

Spello can be considered one most beautiful villages in Italy, as well as one of the most quaint villages of Umbria. That’s because it’s a place covered with stunning flower arrangements, which make it a real heaven on earth, so much to gain the name of: “borgo dei fiori” (village of flowers).

4) Dozza 

In Dozza, a medieval village in the province of Bologna, art becomes part of the urban landscape and decorates the walls of the houses, streets and squares, inundating every corner of the zone with light and different styles.
It’s a real open-air museum, where you can admire over a hundred of works made by prestigious representatives of contemporary art, and, for that reason, takes the name of “paese degli artisti” (artists’ village). It’s really fascinating and suggestive!

5) Vallone dei Mulini (Deep Valley of the Mills)

The “Vallone dei Mulini” is a wonderful valley which is located in Sorrento, in the province of Naples and it’s part of a system composed by 5 valleys. The name derives by a windmill that was built in the XIII century for grinding grain. In this valley you can admire an infinite variety of unique plants which contributes to create an enchanting atmosphere! In a word: IMPECCABLE, just like the merchandise on our e-shop LearnAmo Collection, so take a look at it!

6)   Cascate di Saturnia (Saturnia Waterfalls) 

These enchanting waterfalls that are located in Tuscany, are part of a magical place worth discovering, which is unique for the property of its thermal waters. It’s a place that was naturally formed, thanks to the action of the sulfurous waters of the waterfall. Moreover, if the beauty of the place wasn’t enough, the access to it is totally free!

7)  Costa dei Trabocchi (Trabocchi’s Coast)

Ok, now, we have to move downwards, to talk about the “Costa dei Trabocchi”. This coast corresponds to the stretch of Adriatic coastline of the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo and it’s characterized by the widespread presence of the “trabocco”, a fishing machine on stilts, which allowed to  get the fish, even without boats. Nowadays, in these “trabocchi”,  you can even have and taste some really good seafood.

At last, we have:

8) Grotta della Poesia (Cave of the Poetry)

It is located in the beautiful Puglia region and can be considered, without any doubt, one of the most amazing natural pools, a natural cavity that was formed through the centuries thanks to the incessant action of the water. It’s absolutely one of those places you can’t miss if you want to discover the Salento!

Alright, we hope this list quenched your thirst for travels, but if you still want to be amazed by the Puglia region, we suggest you to watch the vlog we made during our stay in Polignano a Mare! Don’t miss it! In addition, write us which your favorite place in Italy is. See you soon with a new lesson!

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