The best Italian Youtube Channels and Podcasts to improve you Italian (and not only that!)

In this video we are going to show you the most interesting and useful Italian YouTube channels and podcasts that will help you to learn and speak better in the Italian language as well as many other things! The topics vary a lot, so as to satisfy all the tastes!

The 5 most famous Italian Youtube channels and podcasts 

Let’s begin with the 5 Youtube channels:

1) Clio MakeUp

The first channel of the list is mostly devoted to make-up. Clio is the creator of this channel, an Italian woman who resides in the United States, where she attended a professional school for makeup artists and in her videos she talks about a bit of everything: tutorials in which she explains how to put a particular makeup on, reviews of products, celebrities’ makeups accompanied by mini-interviews

2) Marco Montemagno

This channel takes its name from its creator Marco Montemagno, who talks about business, communication and recent events, giving advice to be successful in what you want to do. In addition, you’ll find a lot of interesting video- interviews, in which he converses with famous and influencing personalities from any sector: singers, actors, writers, influencer… both Italian and foreign!

3) Fatto in casa da Benedetta

This is a cooking channel in which Benedetta,its creator, a woman born ad raised in the countryside, prepares her tasty and entirely homemade dishes. Her recipes have been a great success both on web and bookstores, since they unite tradition and modernity. You’ll find all types of dishes that will make your mouth water just by watching them!

4) Io Investo

If you want to learn more about economy and finance, then Io Investo is the channel for you! The purpose of this channel is to simplify as much as possible topics like financial investments, making them accessible to anyone who wants to try to make some profit. In fact, the team of Io Investo explains how to invest in stock market with profit and how to better manage your savings, to protect them from possible crisis, inflation and excessive restrictions.

5) HumanSafari – Nicolò Balini

This channel is perfect f you want to travel even just by sitting in front of a screen. Nicolò Balini is the creator of the eponymous channel and HumanSafari: two channels in which he shares his travel experiences, showing us the realities of the places he has visited, letting us know the local people or tasting the typical food, that in some cases it’s a bit crazy. He has been almost everywhere, in places like: Hawaii, Madagascar, Australia, Nepal, Taiwan, but  in many places of Italy too. He also had the most diverse experiences like: the Camino de Santiago, sleeping in da 5 euros per night “hotels” or in a tent in the middle of nowhere… you can’t miss it!

Now let’s move to the 5 podcasts:

1) Daily Cogito

The first podcast we want to suggest is the one of the youtuber Rick DuFer, who, every morning, analyzes and deepens a different topic of philosophy, psychology or human nature through monologues, distinguished by a lightness and accessibility that will help you to stimulate your mind and thought, possibly during your daily journeys or with a coffee.

2) Fucking Genius

This podcast, created by Massimo Temporelli, describes, episode after episode, the lives and the discoveries of the most brilliant minds, more or less recent, in particular in science and technology and who left a mark in history like Rita Levi-Montalcini, Marie Curie, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and so on. Anyone who wants to know the achievements of these great historic characters, maybe to find an inspiration, won’t be disappointed!

3) Voce del verbo condividere

This podcast, created by Andrea Dibitonto, a young man who defines himself a “creator, analyst and strategist”, gives information on topics like marketing, trend, business, technology, recent events, in the same way as we have seen in the Youtube channel of Marco Montemagno.

4) Copertina

This podcast is devoted to all those who love books, since it offers tips on the best books on the market, even the latest releases in bookstores. It’s run by very competent people, like booksellers or famous authors who tell about their experiences, their stories, their preferences and who gives their advice.

5) Start – Le notizie del Sole 24 Ore

It’s a news podcast that every morning, from Monday to Friday, gives three news that might be useful during the day, with the ensured security  of one of the most important and read Italian dailies: il Sole 24 Ore.

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