10 Italian Words You’re (probably) Mispronouncing! Common Mistakes!

In this video Graziana and Rocco will teach you how to pronounce 10 Italian words that can cause some misunderstandings!

Italian Words Difficult to Pronounce!

Have you ever had any doubts about how to pronounce Italian words? Here are 10 words that can cause some trouble! Watch our video to find out more or read the phonetic transcription below:

Pistacchio → /pisˈtakkjo/ (pistachio)

Chiacchiere → /ˈkjakkjere/ (small talk)

Aglio → /ˈaʎʎo/ (garlic)

Castagna → /kasˈtaɲɲa/ (chestnut)

Mascalzone → /maskalˈtsone/ (trouble maker)

Schiaffo → /ˈskjaffo/ (slap)

Espresso → /esˈprɛsso/ (expresso)

Scherzo → /ˈskertso/ (joke, prank)

Ghiaccio → /ˈgjattʃo/ (ice)

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