5 things Italians ALWAYS do!

Each country has its own culture, tradition and lifestyle, isn’t it? Today we will see 5 things that characterize Italian people!


1) The thing that an Italian do more often is … bere caffè! (drinking coffee) An Italian drinks about 3 cups of coffee per day: the first one in the morning, the second one in the middle of the day and the last after lunch!

2) The second thing that Italians do at least once daily is l’aperitivo (aperitif)… There are some Italian cities where the aperitif is almost mandatory! Usually they have it, around 11 a.m., 11:30 a.m., or at 6 p.m.!

For those who don’t know it, an aperitif usually includes chips, olives, peanuts and rustics , aside, of course, a beverage, that can be alcoholic (like prosecco) or non-alcoholic (like ginger ale or juices). Well, not really a good thing when you’re on a diet…

3) The other thing that Italians do at least once, or better, 300 times per day is saying the word  “cazzo“ (fuck). This dirty word is practically used all the time… “Ma che cazzo fai?” (what the fuck are you doing?), “Ma che cazzo dici?” (what the fuck are you talking about?), “Ma che cazzo è?” (what the fuck is this?). We basically place it in every sentence to emphasize what we want to say!

If you want to learn all other Italian dirty words, check our video entirely dedicated to them! Obviously only if you’re are old enough!

4) You need to know that Italians are very mammoni (mama’s boys)! For this reason, another thing the do very, but very often is  chiamare la mamma (calling the mom)! If you ever fall in love with an Italian guy… you better know he will never love you as he loves his mother…

5) Finally… the last thing you need that deserves to be mentioned among the things that Italians do at least once daily… is the bidet! (washing parts of the body, in particular private parts) In fact, although we don’t have statistics to support our statements, we are quite sure about the fact that Italians do bidet more often than the shower!

Now, don’t forget to let us know the characteristics, peculiarities and translations of your country! We are really curious about it! Comment in the section!

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