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Talking about MATHS in Italian: plus, minus, times, divided by, percent…

Who likes Maths? Oh yeah… That’s true… Many people don’t like Maths… However, in today’s lesson we are not going to teach you Maths (we are not able to), but we are going to teach you how to talk about Maths in Italian! That’s a lesson you may have never thought about, but it will be really useful in your everyday life! Stay with us! It is worth it!

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How to DESCRIBE a PERSON in Italian – Advanced!

Could you describe a person in Italian? You are certainly thinking that it’s a piece of cake, aren’t you? Alto, magro, basso, grasso… but what if we told you that there are many other adjectives that you can use in order to avoid repetitions and banalities? This lesson is not only for beginners, on the contrary! We’re sure that 90% of students of Italian don’t know all the words we are going to see today! Shall we bet?

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