How to Reply to RUDE and OFFENSIVE Comments!

In this article we are going to see a series of expressions to use with people who reveal themselves to be rude, vulgar or irritating, towards whom we can’t reply properly. Therefore, we are going to offer you a guide on how to reply in a strong and witty, but not vulgar, way to these frustrating and provocative people. Stay with us and you won’t be disappointed!

Witty and Sarcastic retorts to inappropriate comments 

The first situation is, probably, the worst among those we are going to show you, namely when we deal with:

closed minded people, who can’t understand or accept, the social changes, keeping or imposing to others a retrograde and obsolete vision, like, for example: sexists, racists, fascists ecc.

With these people we have 2 simple retorts to knock them out:

the first one: “C’è un piccolissimo dettaglio che ti è sfuggito: il Medioevo è terminato nel 1492…” (There’s a little detail you missed, the Middle Ages are over in 1492)

la second one, definitely, more heavy: “Se solo la tua mentalità chiusa si traducesse anche in una bocca chiusa saresti una persona meravigliosa” (if only your narrow-thinking resulted in a closed mouth, you’d be a great person!)

But, now, let’s move to a very common and irritating situation… when we deal with those people who allow themselves  to dispense unsolicited and unwanted, or to judge our lifestyle, relationships ecc.

Here’v what you can say to these people:

one possibility is: “Perdonami, ma non ricordo proprio… Quando ho chiesto la tua opinione?” (forgive me, but I can’t remember: when did I ask your opinion?)

another option is: “Forse mi sarà sfuggito… ma chi ti ha interpellato?”  (maybe I missed it: but who asked you?)

The third situation is the one in which you deal with  someone who keeps interrupting you  and don’t allow you to fully express your thought or opinion…

To solve this issue, you just need to use these two expressions:

the first one is: “Interrompermi di continuo non farà altro che dimostrare che ho ragione” (your continuous interruptions, will do nothing but showing I’m right!)

or, the second one, a real bomb, is: “I monologhi lasciali a Shakespeare, gentilmente…”  (Please, leave monologues to Shakespeare)

Now, let’s see how to reply to someone who makes fun of you  because you can’t speak properly, because, maybe, you’re speaking a foreign language and you’re not very fluent yet…

The possibilities are:

the first one, the more docile one: “Parlare bene con te è tempo sprecato”  (speaking properly with you is a waste of time…)

the second one, which is stronger: “Non mi sforzo a parlare bene con gli idioti” (I don’t bother talking properly with idiots…)

Now, let’s pretend to reply to someone who is saying crazy things, so nonsense and stupid to work your last nerve…

Here’s the possible retorts :

the first one:“Hai tutta la vita per fare il cretino.. perché oggi non ti prendi il giorno libero?” (you have your whole life to be a stupid! Why don’t you take the day off, today?)

Another solution can be: “Perché ti ostini a dimostrare la tua ignoranza?” (why do you insist in showing your ignorance?)

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Still, there’s the case of those people who try to show their alleged culture, by filling every sentence with complex and uncommon words to look like intellectuals and educated people

to make the realize they’re ridiculous, you just have to use these options:

the first one: “È divertentissimo vederti usare tutto il tuo vocabolario in un paio di frasi” (It’s so much fun to see you using your entire vocabulary in a couple of sentences)

or, the second one, maybe a bit more diplomatic: “Usare parole difficili non ti farà sembrare meno stupido…” (using difficult words doesn’t make you sound less stupid)

At last, we just have to see the case in which, for some absurd reason, a person acts crazy, by making and saying irrational and out of the ordinary things.

With these people, you can use two expressions:

the first one: “Scommetto che il tuo psichiatra è andato in ferie, non è vero?” (I bet your psychiatrist went on vacation, didn’t he?)

or, you can say: “Non so quale sia il tuo problema… ma immagino sia davvero difficile da pronunciare!” (I don’t know what your problem is, but, for sure, it’s very difficult to spell)

Then, what do you think about these retorts? Do you think they could be useful to silence your opponents once and for all? Let us know in the comment section. Besides, write uve the witty retorts you know in order to enhance our arsenal.

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