GIÀ vs ANCORA – Meaning and Use in Italian

Do you already know the difference between GIÀ and ANCORA? How? Haven’t you understood it yet? No problem! These two video-lessons will help you to learn how and when to use one and the other, once and for all! Make sure to watch them both!

GIÀ and ANCORA – part 2

In this second part, we will deal with the word ANCORAIt can take more than one meaning:

1. It is used with actions or events that can persist, continue over time.


Luigi non è tornato: è ancora in ufficio. (Luigi is not back: he is still at the office)

In the same way, it can be used in negative sentences to indicate events or actions that haven’t occurred up to a certain moment.


La tua lettera non è ancora arrivata. (Your letter hasn’t arrived yet)

2. It is used with events or actions that continue even over a determined term of reference, with the meaning of “per altro tempo“ (for more time)


Dopo il liceo, dovrai studiare ancora: c’è l’università che ti aspetta! (After high school, you will  still have to study; there is college which is waiting for you!)

3. It can also take the meaning of  “un’altra volta“(one more time), “di nuovo“(again).


La Juventus ha vinto ancora (Juventus team won again)

4. It can also take the meaning of  “anche“, “persino“ (even).


Il secondo libro di questo autore è ancora più bello del primo! (The second book of this author is even better than his first)

5. When we want some more of something, for example to eat or to drink, we don’t use “più”, but ANCORA!


-Vuoi ancora del caffè? (Would you like some more coffee?)

– Certo! Dammene ancora! (Of course! Give me some more of that!)

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