Learn Italian with the IMITATION TECHNIQUE: copy native speakers!

In this article we are going to talk about the Tecnica dell’Imitazione (Imitation technique), a technique divided into 3 steps, which consists in learning a foreign language by copying native speakers, in every way: pronunciation, intonation, pauses, gestures and even facial expressions. In fact, the combination of these verbal and non-verbal elements forms the basis of every form of communication, therefore this technique has roved to be very effective for learning foreign languages!

The 3 Steps of the Imitation Technique

The Imitation Technique  is one of the best methods to learn a foreign language and it’s composed by 3 steps:

1) Listening and Reading

This first step consists in only listening and reading very carefully the story that’s told by Graziana in the video, with the transcript   on screen.

2) Listening and Imitation

The second step consists in repeating exactly what the native speaker is doing and saying, in this particular case we have Graziana and her story-telling.

3) Becoming the other person

In this last third step you have to become the native speaker, copying every single movement and repeating everything it’s said, in real time.

As you can see the Imitation Technique is very easy to master, still it’s extremely effective for learning a foreign language! You can test your skills in relation to this technique by repeating the third step as many times as you need, until you reach your ideal level. Don’t forget to let us know your results and if you like this kind of lesson.

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One thought to “Learn Italian with the IMITATION TECHNIQUE: copy native speakers!”

  1. Grazie mille per questo video, Graziana. È davvero utile e vorrei sicuramente più di questi. Trovo difficile parlare rapidamente (come gli italiani), quindi quando ho ripetuto le parole che avevi pronunciato sullo schermo, ho scoperto che ero troppo lento e non avevo completato le frasi prima è arrivato il successivo, quindi ho dovuto rallentare il video e questo mi ha aiutato. Ciò è particolarmente necessario con parole che per me sono difficili da pronunciare o parole che per me sono nuove. Spero che farai più di questi video poiché penso che questo sia un ottimo modo per imparare a parlare chiaramente e migliorare il fraseggio delle frasi. Grazie ancora!

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