10 facts you probably didn’t know about COFFEE

A cup of coffee please!”. How many times do we hear or say this phrase? Dozens of times! But do you know what’s hidden in it? Don’t worry… You’ll soon find out! In this video where I’ll show you the 10 FACTS THAT YOU (PROBABLY) DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT COFFEE!

Here’s the 10 FACTS you probably didn’t know about COFFEE

1) Finns go crazy for coffee!

You would think that Italy is the country that consumes coffee the most in a year, but that’s not the case!

It is actually Finland who takes the first place as the country who consumes the most coffee in a year, with 12 kg per capita per year.

Italy is not even second place in the list, but – lo and behold – Italy takes the thirteenth place!!! With 5,9 kg per capita.

2) Coffee as a muse

The composer Bach loved coffee so much that he dedicated a cantata – Kaffeekantate – performed in Leipzig in 1732. The lyrics refer to the trend of going to cafes, but the composer was rather ironic about it. This practice was very popular in the 18th century society of Leipzig.

3) The moka pot mustn’t be washed!

In Italy nobody washes the moka pot (or caffettiera in Italian) with dish soap, because it has a very aggressive smell that would ruin and cover the coffee aroma. You must only use water!

4) Coffee is healthy

According to a study of the University of Lund, in Sweden, drinking coffee reduces the chances of breast cancer, Harvard School of Public Health claimed that it reduces the risk of prostate cancer and has an antidepressant activity.

Caffein improves energy levels and stimulates certain brain functions (such as memory and attention among others); it also has a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system.

And it gets better! It would seem that coffee also helps reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s!

In cosmetics, caffein is used to prepare anti-cellulite, sliming and toning products for the body and anti-aging for the face and eye area.

5) The Devil’s brew

Initially the Chiesa was against the consumption of coffee, which was considered as “the Devil’s brew” because of its exciting properties which would lead to the “loss of the senses”.

In the 1500s, Pope Clement VIII was the first clergyman who approved coffee by saying “This Satan’s brew is so good that it would be a sin to let only the infidels drink it. We will deceive Satan by baptising it”.

6) Where does coffee cost more?

It seems that the city with the most expensive coffee is Oslo, the capital of Norway, here a cup of coffee costs around 4,50€. It is followed by Copenhagen (4€) e Geneva (3,60€), Sidney (3,10€), Tokyo (3€).

In Italy, a cup of espresso costs around 1€ (unless you are a tourist in Venice). I’m kidding! Luckily such occurrences are very rare.

7) Everyone loves it…

It is the most common beverage in the world: It is drunk is every corner of the planet and everyday people consume almost 1.6 billion of cups. Every country has its own way of drinking it… One day I’m going to try them all! But the one that intrigues me the most is the Finnish one, the so-called Kaffeost, where hot coffee is poured on the cheese curd!

8) Even animals!

Even elefants eat it, and they love it!

They eat coffee berries as a snack. And it doesn’t end there! The coffee beans remain intact during the digestion and are collected from their faeces and processed to create the Black Ivory – a type of soft and fine coffee, which is also the most expensive in the world (one cup costs 80 dollars).

Personally, I don’t think I’m brave enough to try it, even if they offered it for free… Have you tried it?

9) Who discovered coffee?

According to an old legend, coffee was discovered thanks to an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi. He was walking his flock when he noticed that his sheep were so hyperactive that they started almost dancing wildly, due to the ingestion of some red berries: that is coffee berries. Then, Kaldi decided to taste them and experienced the same energizing effect. Since then, nobody could ever stop the wide spread of this drink.

10) Colombia: the coffee heaven

Brazil is the first producer of unwashed Arabica coffee in the world. Vietnam is the world’s first coffee exporter for the Robusta quality. But it is Colombia that is considered the coffee heaven: in fact, its lush climate and clean air create the perfect environment for the Arabica bean. Although it is second to Brazil for quantity, Colombia is the first for quality, thanks to its production of many different varieties of great coffee.


The 1st of October celebrates the International Coffee Day, as desired by the International Coffee Association in 2015. Now you just have to find out what are all types of coffee (names, characteristics and price) that you can drink in Italy!

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