The 5 Best Italian Modern Books that You MUST Read!

Italian literary tradition offers a great number of writers and works that revolutionized its culture, increasing the value and the prestige and leading it to become one of the most renowned and admired of the world. Therefore, modern Italian writers, not only a great literary legacy they have to answer to, but thy also keep enhancing this heritage! Luckily there are writers like them! In fact, in this article, we are going to talk about 5 books that are real masterworks of modern Italian literature!

5 modern literary masterpieces you can’t miss!

The first book of the list is:

Io non ho paura

This masterpiece is born from the mind and the pen of  Niccolò Ammaniti and it is set in the deep south of Italy, in a rural village in 1978.

The plot revolves around the young Michele and his incredible discovery: a hideout where a kidnapped contemporary of his is segregated. In that moment he decides to, thanks to his courage and specificity, to run off on a mission to rescue his contemporary from his captivity.

The story is really exciting and gripping and it will leave you with bated breath. Moreover in 2003, a film adaptation, directed by Gabriele Salvatores, was made.

The next one is:

L’amica geniale

This work, written by Elena Ferrante, is actually, a series of four novel.

The main theme is the woman, in all her facets: among the elements that are analyzed we can find: the position of women over time, the weaknesses and strengths of women, the relationship between woman and man, but above all, being woman and, at the same time, daughter, mother or friend of another woman, also taking into account the competition and the jealousy that are typical of this last relationship.

In fact, the book revolves around the stories of Lila and Lenù, two women who were born and raised in a poor zone of Naples, in misery and violence. In their complicated relationship, which is characterized by envy but also, a lot of love, they share the project to write a book together to leave the neighborhood. The stories of the two women, acclaimed by critics and public, will keep you glued to the pages.  You can live their stories even through the 8 episodes tv series!

The third work we must mention is:


This book, written by Roberto Saviano, reveals the plots and the secrets which are hidden behind the Italian criminal organization renowned with the name of Camorra.

The plot, which is mainly set in Campania,  will throw you to the discovery of a dark world , you robablly didn’t know, leaving you baffled and appalled. For this reason, since the release of the book, the writer has been living under 24/7 security, because he has become a target of the organization, whose secrets and illicit business were exposed.

The fourth masterpiece is:

La concessione del telefono

It’s a work written by the great, and recently passed away, Andrea Camilleri, who was also the author of the famous”Commissario Montalbano”. The novel is set in Sicily, at the end of the 19th century, and it’v characterized by a hilarious plot full of misunderstanding and register changes.

The main character is Filippo Genuardi, a small lumber trader, who, in an attempt to get a phone line installed between his stock and his father-in-law’s house, will eventually end up in a series of paradoxical and even dangerous situations. In short, it’s a masterpiece you can’t, absolutely, miss!

The fifth and final book is:

L’infinito viaggiare

This masterpiece written by Claudio Magris, published in 2005 , is a collection of short travel notes, memories that the author lived in the period that goes from 1981 to 2004.

It’s mostly a series of reflections in which the author, by establishing an inner dialogue with himself, meditates about the meaning of “viaggiare” (traveling) through his personal experiences. It’s a work that will arouse an overwhelming desire of traveling and will make you daydream. You can’t absolutely miss it!

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