Things to Do and Places to Visit in Bari

You’d like to travel to Italy but you don’t know which cities you should visit? Watch our video on the city of Bari and you will have no doubts about the destination to choose!

Things to See and to Do in Bari

THE MURAGLIA (the wall)

If you are in Bari and want to discover the heart of this city, ask where the “Muraglia” is! You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea, the port and the old city from there.

The Muraglia was built on the ancient walls of the city, dating back to the IV century B.C.

The walk to reach the muraglia begins from Piazza Ferrarese the distinctive street made with white bricks!

Do you want a piece of advice? Have this walk at the sunset…and then you will thank us!


The Petruzzelli theater is the hugest theater in Bari, as well as the fourth biggest theatre in Italy. Its construction dates back to 1896 when two merchants, Onofrio and Antonio Petruzzelli, submitted the draft of the project to the city administrator, who approved it. The construction ended in 1903.

During the night between the 26th and 27th of October in 1991, the theater was almost completely destroyed because of a fire. In the following years, the theater was restored and in 2009 it was returned to the city of Bari.

The theater is located in Cavour avenue, in the city center.


If you are in Bari and you want to do shopping… go to Sparano street! It’ a very long street that starts from the train station and ends in Vittorio Emanuele II avenue. This street is full of shops (luxurious and cheap), completely restored ancient buildings, a park and the view on the Ateneo of Bari, the University center of the city.


The Basilica of Bari, dedicated to the Saint Patron of the city (Saint Nicholas) was built between the 1087 and the 1197, during the Norman domination in Puglia, following the discovery of the remains of the Saint, from Myra in Turkey.

The Basilica, with its typical Roman architecture, is a very important pilgrimage destination for both Catholic and Orthodox people.


The Norman-Swabian Castle was built in 1132 by the Norman king Ruggero II (Roger the Second), but it was later destroyed. So the Emperor Federico II (Frederick the Second) rebuilt it in 1233.

The Castle is surrounded by a moat and is nowadays used for exhibitions.

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