The Best Italian Comedy Movies: you won’t be able to stop laughing!

Italian cinema is rich in movie titles that can make everyone laugh out loud, thanks to their jokes that made history, hilarious gags and unforgettable characters! Therefore, in the following article, we are going to talk you about the 7 best Italian comedy movies to learn the language while have fun! The list also includes several classics of Italian comedy you definitely can’t miss!

The 7 best Italian comedy movies you can’t absolutely miss!  

1) Totò, Peppino e la… malafemmina (1956)

This is one of the most popular films starring Totò and Peppino De Filippo, in which “the prince and the duke  of laughter” portray the uncles of a college student they believe being the victim of a fraud by a seductive showgirl. The girl in question, in fact, has the reputation of “malafemmina”, namely a bad woman, but, in the end she will show her true colors, winning the hearts and the affection of her boyfriend’s uncles. This film is a true masterpiece of Italian cinema you must watch at least once in your lifetime especially for Totò and Peppino’s amazing performances.

2) Un americano a Roma (1954)

This movie, set in the ’50s, stars the legendary Italian actor Alberto Sordi as Nando, a roman young man who is in live with the United States and its way of living. Nando’s dream consists in moving to USA, but in the meantime he lives in Italy where he “imports” the American customs and traditions. The comic side of the film resides in the attempt on the part of Nando to imitate the average American in Italy, creating some really hilarious situations that made millions of people cry from laughing!

3) Johnny Stecchino (1991)

Roberto Benigni is the director and the protagonist of this masterpiece of Italian comedy, in which he portrays the terrible mafia boss Johnny Stecchino. The fugitive criminal meets a man who’s his spitting image, except for the presence of a beauty mark under his eye. So, Johnny’s lover decides with the help of the boss to implicate the poor double, by taking him tinto the heart of Sicily and making him look like the mafia boss that everybody wants dead at all costs… The plot is rich in twists and turns and funny moments , all to be discovered!

4) Sole a catinelle (2013)

In this film, Luca Pasquale Medici, better known as Checco Zalone, a famous Italian comedian, delivers a great performance that made this movie a major commercial success. The protagonist is a 36-years-old man who works as door-to-door salesman for a company that sells vacuum cleaners, that he ssells to his numerous relatives… but everything will change with the arrival of the economic crisis that will lead him to promise his son a holiday trip that he can’t afford. Should the character of Checco win your heart, don’t miss his other 4 equally funny movies: “Cado dalle nubi”, “Che bella giornata”, “Quo Vado?” and “Tolo Tolo”!

5) Ricomincio da tre (1981)

This movie represents Massimo Troisi’s lucky film debut in Italian comedy, consecrating him as one of the best comic actors in Italian tradition. In this movie, Troisi portrays Gaetano, an introvert young man who, tired of his provincial life , decides to move from San Gregorio a Cremano, an Italian municipality in the Campania region, to his aunt’s house Florence, where he’ll live various and hilarious situations, especially to thanks to the arrival in town of his old friend Lello (portrayed by his wingman Lello Arelna). It’s a masterpiece for those who love Italian culture and its humor.!

6) Amici come prima (2018)

This movie, directed by Christian De Sica, marks the return on the same set, after 13 years, of the couple Massimo Boldi and the same Christian De Sica, who are famous for their Christmas comedies that have been making many Italians laugh for years. In this very recent film, the character portrayed by Christian De Sica, Cesare, in order to find a job, dresses up as a woman to get hired as Massimo (portrayed by Boldi)’s caregiver… You can surely imagine the hilarious situation they’ll live!

In conclusion, we have a movie that most of you already know or have heard of:

7) Fantozzi (1975)

This is the first chapter of the longest-running comic saga of Italian cinema, in which Paolo Villaggio plays the role of the proverbial unlucky and bungling accountant: Ugo Fantozzi. The main characters are, of course , Fantozzi, his wife Pina and his daughter Mariangela. The accountant Fantozzi, permanently unlucky, struggles to survive in his life as an employee of a great company, living a series of hilarious situations that will make you love this character! It’s a masterpiece that those who love Italian culture can’t absolutely miss!

These are the best Italian comedy movies you can’t absolutely miss! In addition, if you want to get to know other Italian productions to improve your italian while having fun, then take a look at our video on the best Italian TV series! Should you have difficulties in having access to Italian shows because of geo-restrictions, we suggest you to use NordVPN, an amazing app that will allow you to surf the net safely, as if you were in Italy!

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