The 10 Best Italian TV Series you should watch to learn Italian

Montalbano, Gomorra e Suburra are the most renowned Italian TV internationally but there are many others that only few know about but everyone should watch. For this reason, we are going to list some Italian TV series you should give a chance. Stay with us!

The 10 Italian TV Series you can’t miss 

1) Braccialetti Rossi

This series, broadcast on Rai Uno from 2014 to 2016 is a true masterpiece!

The plot revolves a round a group of kids, who are hospitalized in the same structure, for different reasons, more or less serious who, despite their health problems, will find the strength to go on and create a strong bond  represented by a red wristband. This series alternates funny moments to others that will touch you deeply.

2) Non dirlo al mio capo

This series broadcast in 2016, tells the story of Lisa Marcelli, a young widow in financial difficulties, who finds work at the law firm of Enrico Vinci and where she will face a lot of difficulties; in fact, not only she has to hide the existence of her two children, in fear of losing the job but, she will provoke Marta to jealousy, a woman is eager to marry Enrico.

It’s a relaxing and funny series that thanks to the great performance of Vanessa Incontrada and Lino that won’t leave you disappointed!

Changing genre, we have:

3) Squadra antimafia

This series, as suggested by the title, tells the story of Claudia Meres, chief of the anti-mafia team of Palermo, and Rosy Abate, and young woman affiliated to a Sicilian clan of organized  crime. This series will be appreciated by those who love crime drama and the beautiful Sicily! We’re sure that will keep you glued to the screen  Siamo sicuri che vi saprà tenere incollati allo schermo graze ai numerosi colpi di scena!

The fourth TV series is a symbol of the Italian television:

4) Don Matteo

Don Matteo is by now a living legend. Its plot started in 2000 and still continues today.

Don Matteo, interpreted by Terence Hill, is a Catholic priest in the city of Gubbio, but he has a special talent for investigations and that’s why he solves all the crimes and mysteries of his city and beyond!

This series is, without any exaggeration, part of Italian culture, so you can’t absolutely miss it!

Halfway we find:

5) Il paradiso delle signore

This series is largely inspired by the novel “Au bonheur des drames” by Emile Zola.

However the story is set in the city of Milan of the 50s and revolves around the character of Teresa, a young girl, who, after moving to the Lombard capital, starts working in a clothing store as salesgirl.

This series is perfect for those who love fashion and the beautiful Milano, which is the protagonist of our vlog we suggest you to take a look at.

Another very funny TV series is:

6) Che Dio ci aiuti

This series takes place in Modena, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, more precisely in a convent.

In fact, the plot of this series revolves around Sister Angela, who decides to open, within the convent, a student accommodation and a café, because of the financial difficulties of her convent.

So she has the chance to meet and talk to many students and to know their lives, and she also helps them to solve their problems and difficulties. Sister Angela is a very incredible character!

But now let’s move to:

7) Provaci ancora Prof

The protagonist of this series is Camilla Baudino, a teacher in a high school who is often involved in crimes, that she will help to solve.

It’s a funny series, perfect for those who want to learn Italian while relaxing.

Another Italian series which had a great success for many years is:

8) L’Onore e Rispetto

Even this series, like Squadra antimafia, is is set in Sicily but, this time, it’s set in Sicily during ‘50s and ‘60s, and stars as main characters Gabriel Garko and Manuela Arcuri, two very popular actors in Italy and beyond.

The plot is quite complex, but, in short it’s a crime story with including elements like revenge, respect and power. It’s very fascinating, but some scene are quite strong.

If you prefer something more cheerful and carefree, then you should watch:

9) I Cesaroni

This series is inspired by the Spanish TV series “Los Serrano”.

It tells the story of an extended family, whose surname is, indeed, Cesaroni, made up by two ex lovers, Giulio and Lucia, who meet 20 years later and rediscover their love.

Among thousands of obstacles, usually caused by Lucia’s ex husband, they get married and move in together in Rome, with the three sons of Giulio and the two daughters of Lucia!

The last series of our list is:

10) Un medico in famiglia

This series started in 1998 and ended only few years ago, in 2016! The reason behind this success depends by the fact it is really funny and thrilling, thanks to the humor of Lino Banfi, a famous actor form Puglia who is appreciated throughout Italy, who portrays grandpa Libero, the grandfather of Martini family, a typical not -too-typical Italian family, around which the plot revolves around.

Before you leave, let us know which Italian TV series you watched, you’re watching or you’re going to watch! But if TV series are not for you you can take a look at our video about the best Italian modern books to learn Italian. Don’t miss it, maybe there are some books you don’t know!

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  1. Actually in the number 10 there is a mistake :it is “Un MEDICO in famiglia” and not “Un MEDIO in famiglia” (medico means doctor, while medio means middle)

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