What do FOREIGNERS know about ITALY? – Test on the Italian Culture!

Many foreign people spend a lot of time studying Italian language, often forgetting that the knowledge of Italian language is not enough to interact and communicate properly with Italian people! In fact, as we already said in other occasions, language and culture are strictly connected to each other and they’re both indispensable to communicate properly. Therefore, in the following article we are going to test you with 10 multiple choice  questions.

Test on Italian Culture: 10 questions to discover Italy  

Every question of the test has 4 possible answers: if you want to find out if you’ve answered correctly, watch the video.

1) Who is the Italian artist that painted  il Cenacolo (The Last Supper)? 

A – Giovanni Boccaccio

B – Leonardo da Vinci

C – Pablo Picasso

D – Arte Bella

2) What’s Italians’ favorite drink?

A – Tea

B – Fruit juice

C – Coffee

D – Bevibevi

3) Which is the company that produces Nutella?

A – Ferrero

B – Fiat

C – Ferrari

D – Cioccociocco

4) What’s the name of the most common pizza in Italy?

A – Spaghettata

B – Margherita

C – Laura

D – Gioconda

5 ) Which is the movie by Roberto Benigni that every Italian knows?

A – La Grande Bellezza

B – C’era una volta in America (Once Upon a Time in Holllywood)

C – La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful)

D – Boh and boh

6) What’s Italia 1?

A – A trash can

B – A book

C – A microwave oven

D – A TV channel

7) Which car brand does the 500 belong to? 

A – Lamborghini

B – Piaggio

C – Toyota

D – Fiat

8) What does the first article of the Italian Constitution?

A – Italy is a semi-democratic Republic, founded on occupation.

B – Italy is a democratic Republic in which the pizza is sacred.

C – Italy is a democratic Republic founded on labor.

D – Italy is a democratic Republic founded on underground economy.

9) Where is the San Siro Stadium located? 

A – Rome

B – Turin

C – Florence

D – Milan

10) How many regions are there in Italy?

A – 22

B – 21

C – 20

D – 19

If you want to know the answer to this question, take a look at our video on Italian regions and Capitals. We also remind you to make our other tests like the ones on the Italian subjunctive and the conjugations. In addition, let us know how many right answers you’ve given!

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