Test on the Conjugations of Italian Verbs!

Today we are going to propose you a test on the conjugation of some Italian verbs, which is going to put to the test your skills and knowledge. However don’t worry if you make some mistakes because we learn when we fail. But be careful because some questions can hide snares!

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Italian Test: difficult conjugation!

Let’s get it started but, before you answer, you can take a look at the lessons from the links below:


1) What’s the simple present indicative tense of the verb solere (to be in the habit of)?

2) What’s the present subjunctive tense of the verb nuocere (to harm/hurt physically and mentally)?

3) What’s the passato remoto tense of the verb fremere (to tremble/to be shaken-upset)?

4) What’s the compound future tense of the verb soccombere (to succumb/die/be defeated)?

5) What’s the simple present indicative  of the verb contorcere (to squirm/twist)?

6) What’s the imperfect indicative tense of the verb benedire (invoking God’s protection on someone or something/to bless)?

7) What’s the past participle tense of the verb dirimere (to resolve through authority)?

8) What’s the passato remoto tense of the verb espellere (To expel/sending away)?

9) What’s the present subjunctive tense of the verb dolere (to ache/feeling pain)?


Alright, the test is over. Let us know, in the comment section, how many right answers you gave. Please, be honest on the results! And if you want to test yourselves even more you can take a look at our other tests like: the test on idiomatic expressions  and test on subjunctive.

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