Learn Italian without Studying Grammar with the IMITATION TECHNIQUE! #2

The first thing most of the people trying to learn a new language would do, is equipping themselves with a grammar book and a dictionary and start studying dozens of rules and hundreds of words and sentences. However, communicating is not just a matter of grammar and vocabulary. There are many other elements that come into play all at the same time during an act of communication, so we decided to reintroduce the imitation technique: the strategy that helped millions of people in the world learning foreign languages!

Automatic Italian: Learn without books!

An act of communication involves several processes and elements that go beyond just grammar and vocabulary: this explains why many students, despite studying grammar and vocabulary for years, fail when they try to fluently speak another language.

Communication involves:

1. gestures;
2. facial expressions;
3. intonation;
4. pronunciation;
5. pace (pausing, slowing down, speeding up);
6. … and so much more!

Is it possible to automatically learn a language without grammar books?

As many studies have shown, all of these elements, despite often being ignored while learning a foreign language, are essential in order to communicate naturally and properly.

There’s no need to look far to find a clear example of what we just said: have you ever seen an Italian not gesturing when communicating? I don’t think so! Actually, there are times when Italians don’t even use words, they just use gestures and facial expressions!

That’s why, in this video, we decided to reintroduce you the IMITATION TECHNIQUE, the technique that allowed thousands of foreign language students all over the world to learn new languages by simply COPYING!

Imitating a native speaker could be the best exercise you have ever had the chance to put into practice. Speaking another language isn’t just a matter of WHAT you say, but also of HOW you say it.

But let’s stop wasting time blabbering, let’s see right away how it works, for those that don’t know it yet.

The imitation technique is composed by 3 steps:

1. LISTENING AND READING: in this first step you will simply have to listen and read the story we will tell you.

2. LISTENING AND IMITATION: in this second step you will have to repeat exactly what we do and say during the story (don’t worry, we will pause the video to let you imitate us more easily).

3. BECOMING THE OTHER PERSON: in this last steo you will have to become us, so you will have to do and say exactly what we do and say (be careful: in this part there won’t be textboxes or transcriptions on the screen).

That’s all! The Imitation Technique is as simple as it is effective! Use it to automatically learn Italian!

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