What 2 Italians EAT (and how much they spend) in 1 Week

In this video, you will be our guests for dinner! 7 nights, 7 restaurants, 7 different dinners! Which one will be the best? Let’s find out! Infact, we decided to list them from seventh to first place, going up to that which we loved most!


We would like to point out that this is NOT a sponsored video, our review is 100% honest and objective!

7 Days, 7 Dinners

7 – Gelateria Santa Trinità

At the bottom of our list, a dinner that maybe is not even complete. That’s why it got last place, but it wasn’t bad at all!

Out destination is Gelateria Santa Trinità, near the bridge that takes the same name.

That’s right. One time we really dined with just an ice cream.

Do you want to know how much it costs? Here’s the receipt!

6 – Paszkowski

A well deserved sixth place goes to Paszkowski.

It’s a really renowned place in Firenze. Founded in 1903 as a brewery by the Polish family from which it takes its name, the place has soon become a Caffè Concerto known all over the world. To this day there’s live music almost every night.

Did you know that this cafe hosted great intellectuals like Gabriele D’Annunzio, Eugenio Montale, Vasco Pratolini, Gaetano Salvemini and Umberto Saba? Now you do!

Here you can just get something to drink or get a whole meal, as we did.

As starters, we ordered a classic bruschetta. But, as you can see in the video, we had a minor inconvenience with the oil…

Following that, courgette flowers stuffed with cheese on a bed of green pea cream and a pumpkin risotto with goat cheese and amaretti (which are type of sweet, but on this risotto they tasted great!)

They say that this place, together with another great cafe (Gilli), makes the best artisanal desserts in Firenze and we had to try them out. We fully entrusted ourselves to our waiter (a local) on the choice of dessert. This was his selection: apple tarte tatin and a cream and blackberry tart. We really liked the tarte tatin served with whipped cream, but we absolutely loved the blackberry tart.

The bill? A little “salato”, as we say in italian, which means a little expensive, but the location and the service were really high quality. It definitely deserves its reputation!

5 – Trattoria Zazà

For the fifth position we chose Trattoria Zazà.

This restaurant has a really long and diverse menu. Every palate shall be satisfied! They have pizza, meat and fish dishes for both first and second courses, vegetarian options… and a whole section dedicated to truffles!

That night we decided to get some protein, Firenze style. So we ordered two different types of meat.

To be more precise, balsamic vinegar sirloin and truffle chicken breast, both served with a side of roasted potatoes.

They were SO good! We really liked the idea of combining the meat with two different condiments. That’s rare to see in Firenze, were usually meat is just served roasted. We appreciated the originality.

Then, since we were in total BLISS for the truffle, we also ordered a steak with the same truffle sauce.

All in all, we can say that they have a great quality to price ratio, which is confirmed by the line that gathers every day in front of the restaurant. Luckily it’s a huge place that has seats inside and outside, so the line flows quickly and the wait is not excessive.

4 – Move On

The fourth position was taken by a place were we became regulars: Move On.

Right off the bat, you wouldn’t think much of it, since it is in a super touristic spot (right in front of the Battistero and the Basilica, to be precise).

So you would think that food there is rubbish, and we thought that too.

But we trusted it and it was worthwhile. Most of the customers go there to get a drink, but their cooking is also fantastic! We went there often and everything is delicious. For this video, we had pizza. This one is a little different than usual: it has a crunchier texture and is thicker. It’s something between a pizza and the roman pinsa.

Along with pizza, we ordered a caprese!

3 – Trattoria Sant’Agostino

Third place goes to a special dinner, with a surprise!

Infact, we spent the evening with one of our students from Boston, John, who invited us for an aperitif first and then for dinner.

The aperitif on the terrace of the Westin Excelsior was literally incredible! You can see all of Firenze for above! The atmosphere was fancy and pleasant, as the food and their Spritz! One of the most beautiful places in Firenze!

After that, we had a wonderful dinner in another traditional place: Trattoria Sant’Agostino!

We started with onions stuffed with cheese, a typical dish of this restaurant, which we discovered on the internet and absolutely wanted to try.

As first course, we had pici cacio e pepe, truffle tagliatelle and tomato spaghettoni!

Speaking of tradition, while you are in Firenze, you have got to have Florentine steak.

The evening should have come to a perfect close with an ice cream, but… take a look at the video to find out what happened!

2 – Signorvino

In second place goes a superb dining experience! A perfect union between: an optimal location, a breathtaking view, delicious food and reasonable prices. The place we are talking about is Signorvino.

We wanted to try a couple of things, so as to show you more dishes.

A hamburger with red wine buns and oven roasted potatoes, focaccia bread with goat cheese, a vegetable quiche and mixed bruschettas, with octopus and pesto, tomato and stracciatella, ham and cheese.

It was sublime… Our faces speak for themselves, don’t they?

The bill? As I said, since the quality of the dishes was so high, prices are really fair!

1 – Hotel Baglioni

First place had to be our dinner party for Graziana’s birthday!

We put it on the top because, first of all, it was her birthday, of course. Second of all, because… well, the video speaks for itself! We were once again on a terrace, the Hotel Baglioni’s terrace in the city centre of Firenze. The view from here was spectacular!

The food too was incredible! We opted for a fixed menu and this is what they brought us!

First of all, an aperitif with some appetizers, which not only were pretty to look at, but also really tasty! Obviously, it was all accompanied by a Spritz!

Then, they served us some tuscan ragù pasta.

To close the evening, a chocolate and raspberry semifreddo.

As you can see in the video, we spent the evening with another one of our students, Robert. He might look familiar to you… Infact, a few months ago we had an interview with him, during which he told us how he learned italian even though he is from South Africa! If you missed it, go and take a quick look at it!

Also, let us know in the comments: which was your favorite dinner? Did any of them catch your attention and make your mouth water? Have you already tried these places? Would you like to? And most of all: do you think we have a chance of becoming food critics?

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