The 7 Most Beautiful Italian Songs Ever: Italian Music!

In this article we’ll discover 7 of the songs that have excited generations and generations of Italians and that will help you get deeper into Italian music culture!

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7 Italian Songs You Should Listen!

First of all, it is necessary to make two premises:

One: reducing the Italian music scene to only 7 songs could almost be considered an offense to many artists that have made entire generations dream with their voices… but I preferred to avoid a list of endless songs and artists and focus on 7 in particular: my favorites!

Two: for copyright issues I will not be able to link the 7 songs I will talk about in this video, but I assure you that you can easily find them on YouTube by searching for their titles: actually, I listen to them every day using the same method! I also advise you to listen to them with the text next to you: it will help you a lot to understand the deep meaning behind these masterpieces!

We begin our journey in music with:

1) Storia d’Amore (Love Story)

The first Italian song I would like to mention among the 7 most beautiful is by Adriano Celentano, one of the most famous Italian singers of all time, author of dozens and dozens of wonderful songs.

This song, as the title suggests, tells a complex love story between a man and a woman. In a perfectly balanced way, Celentano manages to take us into the psychology and the situation of two lovers who, for multiple reasons, don’t seem to be destined  to live in harmony their relationship.

I could talk for hours about this wonderful piece of music, but I don’t want to ruin your listening. The only thing I can guarantee you is that once you listen to it, you won’t be able to get rid of this song anymore: it’s addictive!


Now we can move from Celentano to another artist who made the history of the Italian music: Lucio Battisti! In particular, among the songs of Battisti I chose

2) La Canzone del Sole (The Song of the Sun)

This piece dates back to the early ’70s and tells, through the astonished and bewildered eyes of a lover, the physical and psychological evolution of his woman, from childish innocence to maturity.

Each verse of the song is able to paint mental pictures that will make you live every moment and situation described by the song in first person!

Once again, I advise you to listen to it with the text next to it and listen to it several times by carefully analyzing every detail, every word, every sound: it is pure magic for the ears!


The next song I’ve selected for you is probably the most beautiful love song that’s ever been written in the world and it’s called:

3) La Cura (The Cure)

I find it really difficult to put into words the meaning of this piece, but it can be described as a dedication of deep love to a special person.

When you hear this song for the first time, you’ll be overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions that you’re unlikely to be able to control!


Do you like bananas? And the raspberry? If you like these two types of fruit, then you will definitely like the next song I selected:

4) Banane e Lampone (Bananas and Raspberry)

This piece by Gianni Morandi has a text and melody that is much more light-hearted and cheerful than the songs I have talked about so far. It dates back to 1992 and it is a song particularly suited to summer, as you can infer by watching the official video of the song you can find on YouTube.

It is good to remember that “Banane e Lampone” is just one of the many hits sung by Gianni Morandi, author of countless masterpieces such as “Bella Signora”, “Fatti mandare dalla Mamma”, “Uno su Mille” and many others.


The next song is my absolute favorite among these 7:

5) Il Cielo in una Stanza (The Sky in a Room)

This is clearly a love song and it can be found in at least 3 versions: the one sung by Gino Paoli, author of the lyrics of the song, the one sung by Mina and the one sung by Franco Battiato.

Personally I much prefer the version sung by Franco Battiato… it literally makes me dream! What about you? Let me know in the comments!


The next song on the list of Italian masterpieces is

6) La Guerra di Piero (Piero’s War)

A piece by Fabrizio De André that highlights the horror and pain caused by the war. Piero is a soldier, one of many who have lost their lives and left their loved ones at home mourning his death.

This is definitely one of those timeless songs, such as all the other songs written by De André, among which we can remember: “Bocca di Rosa”, “Il Testamento di Tito”, “Volta la Carta” and many others.


The last song I selected for you is:

7) L’Italiano (The Italian man)

This piece by Toto Cutugno could be defined, without exaggeration, as the second official anthem of Italy, after that of Mameli.

First sung in Sanremo in 1983, the song describes, with a decidedly catchy motif, the vices and virtues of the average Italian.

Undoubtedly it is a song that feeds on the stereotypes that characterize Italy and Italians, but it remains, on the whole, a real masterpiece.

Speaking of stereotypes, in his song, Toto Cutugno mentions “spaghetti al dente”, probably the Italian stereotype per excellence… If you are interested in delving into the theme of pasta in Italy, I made a beautiful video about the types of pasta most eaten by Italians! Go watch it: it’s pretty interesting!

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